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Use Personalized Party Supplies

Choose personalized birthday party supplies to make your celebration really special! This means ordering party supplies with your child’s name or photo printed on them, or party favors with each guest’s name on the favor.

The most popular items are personalized party invitations, personalized party favors, and personalized banners. Let me tell you how I use each of these supplies. (Continued below…)

Personalized Invitations
Personalized Decorations
Personalized Favors
Personalized Treats

Personalized Invitations and Thank-You Notes – I’ve been sending personalized invitations for years, and I can tell you that it really builds excitement before the party day. Guests get excited about your child’s party the moment they open the invitation. RSVP’s seem to come in more quickly, too. Many times I will start getting calls from parents the day my invitation is delivered.

Personalized Party Banners – It’s a decorated banner that includes your child’s name, and they are available in just about any theme to match your party supplies. Hang the banner somewhere all the party guests are sure to notice, like on the wall right behind the birthday child’s chair. This will make a great background when you take photos of your child blowing out the candles on the birthday cake.

Other good places to hang a custom banner are over the entrance to the main party area, or on an empty wall in the party room. If the party will be outdoors, attach the banner to poles and set it in the ground. Not all party stores can make these, so for the best selection AND the ability to choose your own wording, check out the custom banners offered online.

The most common message on the banners is “Happy __th Birthday, [child's name]“, which is perfect for most parties. But you can be creative in choosing the message to coordinate with the theme for your child’s party. Here are some cute ideas to get you started thinking:

  • Welcome to Bobby’s Dinosaur Dig – for a dinosaur theme party
  • Welcome to the [your last name] Barnyard – for a farm theme party
  • Happy 5th Birthday, Princess Caroline – for a princess theme party
  • Welcome to Jimmy’s Pilot School – for an airplane theme party
  • Welcome to Anna’s Pixie Dust Party – for a Tinkerbelle/fairy theme party
  • It’s Race Day at Timmy Smith’s Race Track! – for a racecar theme party
  • Welcome to [your last name] Beach – for a beach or luau theme party
  • Rock the House at David’s 14th Birthday Party!– for a rock band theme party

Personalized Party Favors – If you’re tired of junky party favor toys that break within a week, it’s time to move on to personalized party favors. With so many great choices, you’re sure to find just the right party favor to give each guest. Choose a favor that best matches your theme, as well as your budget, and order one for each guest with their name on it. The kids really love these favors and are much more likely to use and enjoy them long after the party.

I have used the bag tags as party favors many times, because they are so cute and the kids can use them on their lunch box, backpack, dance bag or sport bag. It truly is a useful party favor, and not junk that gets tossed in the trash a few weeks later. The bag tags are a laminated name tag that come in over 100 designs. The samples online often show only a first name, but I always order them with both a first and last name, so the kids can use them for school items. Here are some ways to use the bag tag as part of your party theme:

  • Call them “Dog Tags” for a Scooby Doo party or Blues Clues party.
  • Call them a “Backstage Pass” for a rock star party or Hannah Montana party.
  • Call them a “Flight Crew Badge” for an airplane party.
  • Call them an “Engineer Badge” for a train party.