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Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Plan a classroom Valentine Party using our Valentine party games and food ideas!

Are you in charge of planning a class party for Valentine’s Day? No problem! This kids’ Valentine’s Day party guide includes suggestions for decorations, food ideas, party favors suggestions, and valentine party supplies for a classroom Valentine’s Day theme party.

Order your Valentine’s Day Party supplies online to make shopping easy. It’s great to have the supplies delivered to your home without needing multiple trips out to the stores. Then use this party guide to plan the decorations, games and party activities.

And for some fun facts to tell the kids, read about the history of Valentine’s Day here.

As the veteran of many a class party, here are the items you will need to create a party for kindergarten up to about 4th grade:

  1. Cake plates with a Valentine theme
  2. Beverage napkins with a Valentine theme
  3. Mini water bottles or juice boxes, because they’re easier than pouring drinks into lots of little cups.
  4. Something for the kids to put on their desks that will hold all their valentines. The usual approach is to provide the supplies and let the students decorate their own Valentine holder. One easy method uses plain red or white paper bags with handles. And you will need the larger 8”x11” size, NOT the smaller 6” size that is sometimes found in the craft stores! When the kids get up to deliver their valentines, the bag sitting on each child’s desk needs to be big enough to hold up to 30 valentines.
  5. Get enough self-stick foam heart shapes in various colors for the kids to decorate their own Valentine bag. You will also need lots of valentine stickers, also to decorate their bags. See another idea in the Activities tab.
  6. Snacks (choose from the ideas in the Food tab)
  7. Games and activities (choose from the ideas in the Games tab)

Valentines Party Ideas for Older Grades (5th grade and up)-

For older ages, the kids need a different kind of celebration. But don’t be fooled, they still want a Valentine’s Day event, so try planning a class breakfast instead of the usual party. Bring in bagels and cream cheese, muffins, fresh fruit, juice and milk. Serve the food with Valentine themed plates and napkins.

At this age, the kids may be embarrassed to exchange Valentine cards anymore, so instead try this: have a Valentine from each parent waiting for the kids on their desks. This will require you to contact the parents in advance and collect all the cards.

Another good idea for older grades is to serve ice cream sundaes for their Valentine celebration. Bring in vanilla ice cream and lots of different toppings, sauces, sprinkles and whipped cream. Let each student build their own sundae. Use red disposable bowls and Valentine themed napkins.


More Resources for a Classroom Valentine’s Day Party:


Valentine’s Day Party Invitations

  • A classroom Valentine party doesn’t require invitations, but all the students and their parents need information to prepare Valentines for the party.
  • So create a notice that can be sent home with the students at least one week ahead of the party date.
  • Include all the basic details, and be sure to inform the parents that each child needs to bring in enough Valentines to give one to each classmate.
  • If you need parent volunteers to help run the party, or provide snack items, this is the place to ask for volunteers.
  • To make it really cute, and help the kids feel excited about the party, change the wording on one of these personalized Valentine Party invitations:


Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Decorations

  1. The class teacher may not have time or space for lots of decorations, so keep your ideas simple and quick.
  2. A fun and fast decoration is to tape red balloons all around the doorway into the classroom, so that the kids walk through an archway of balloons.
  3. You could also use long pieces of red streamers and tape them to the top of the doorway to create a curtain of streamers for the children to walk through.
  4. Bring a CD player and play background music with a Valentine’s theme, such as the KidzBop Valentine songs, familiar Disney movie songs from Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and Little Mermaid, and children’s Valentine songs from singer Jack Hartmann.


Valentine’s Day Activities and Games for a Class Party

  • Print out a Valentine word find.
  • Find free printable valentine coloring pages online for kids ages 3 up to 8 years old.
  • Print Valentine bingo cards and use candy hearts as the markers. Offer full sized candy bars as the prize for bingo winners.
  • Make Broken Heart Riddles using large red hearts cut from construction paper. Before the party, cut each heart into two pieces using zigzag motions, to make it clear which halves fit together. Then write the riddle on one half and the answer on the second half. At the party, pass out all the broken heart pieces. Tell the children to find the answer to their riddle. When two children have matched their pieces, they sit down. The game is over when all the riddles have been matched to the answers.
  • Make up fill-in-the-blank Valentines for the children to complete for their parents using candy conversation hearts. Before the party, write a Valentine message on the chalk board, but leave out words here and there for the children to fill in using the words on a conversation heart. Instruct the students to copy the message onto colored paper to make a Valentine’s Day message, and glue on candy hearts to complete each sentence. For example, Dear Mom and Dad, I __________ you very much. Will you _____________ for Valentine’s Day? I think you are ____________.
  • Valentine Photo Frame Craft – Collect a lot of puzzle pieces and foam or cardboard photo frames. If you have time, spray paint the puzzle pieces red, pink, and white ahead of time. Let the children glue puzzle pieces all over the frame and finish it with a foam heart that says “I Love You to Pieces!” Then let the kids take them home as a gift for their parents.
  • Valentine Mailbox Craft – Have the moms save empty tissues boxes ahead of the party day. Provide colorful paper scraps, stickers, and foam hearts for the children to glue onto their box. The decorated boxes are then used as a personal mailbox for exchanging Valentines. Cute, easy, and kids love them!
  • Valentine Candy Hot Potato Game – Fill a basket with small valentine candies. The children pass the basket while an adult plays music. When the music stops, whoever is holding the basket gets to choose a piece of candy. Then start the game again.
  • Sweet Movies for Valentine’s Day – If the teacher allows, show a movie, or play one while the class works on a craft. Here are some good choices for Valentine’s Day movies: Lady and the Tramp, Shrek, Princess Diaries, Charlie Brown Valentine, The Aristocats.


Valentine’s Day Classroom Party Food

  • Heart-shaped cupcakes or cookies.
  • Mini water bottles or juice boxes.
  • Rice Crispy Treat “Kisses” – Make your own rice crispy treats shaped like large Hershey kisses, and wrap in aluminum foil! Here is how to do it: mix up a batch of rice crispy treats, and quickly pack some into a funnel sprayed with cooking spray. Pop it out, and continue making more until you have enough for the class. While they are cooling, print out a page of Valentine sayings (Be My Valentine, or Happy Valentine’s Day, etc.) in normal sized print, and cut them into strips. Use red or pink ink, if you have a color printer! Then wrap each treat in aluminum foil with the paper message hanging out the top, just like chocolate Hershey kisses. This is really cute and is popular with all ages including teens!
  • Make a Valentine Potions table with bottle of juice and lemonade. Make your own labels for each bottle with names like Laughing Potion, Muscle Juice, and Friendship Fizz. Let each child mix their own drink.


Class Valentine Party Favors

Choose Valentine party favors for each student like decorated pencils, erasers, and small note pads Take the work out of planning the favor bags by ordering complete Party favor sets.


Personalized Valentine Party Supplies

Dress Up

Valentine Dress Up

Valentine Gift Ideas

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