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Thomas the Tank Engine Party Ideas

This is one of my favorite party themes, because my son loved Thomas and his train friends for years. I still remember the joy and excitement on his face when I showed him the blue train pinata for his party. If you have a Thomas train lover in your house, this party guide will help you create joyful memories, too!

Order your Thomas the Train Party supplies online to make shopping easy. This is one of the best time-saving tips because you avoid making trips to different stores.


Thomas the Train Party Invitations

Use your computer to make invitations that resemble a train ticket. Use wording like:

  • All Aboard! Sir Topham Hatt invites you to ride the Birthday Express for (child’s name)’s 5th Birthday!
  • At the Island of Sodor Train Station: (address of party)
  • Departure Time: (party start time)
  • Arrival Time: (when party ends)
  • Reserve Your Ticket by Calling: (your phone number)

Take a look at these personalized Train Party invitations:


Thomas the Train Party Decorations

  • Use balloons and streamers in red, blue and green colors to match the various Thomas train characters.
  • Always tie five helium balloons to the birthday child’s chair, and add a shaped Thomas mylar balloon as one of the five balloons. Add a sign saying “Birthday Conductor” for the chair.
  • Make or order a banner that says something like “All Aboard Jeff’s Birthday Express Train” and hang it over a door or on the wall behind the birthday boy’s chair. It will make a perfect background for pictures of your son with his cake.
  • Hang Thomas train posters on the walls. You could make your own posters using free printable Thomas the Tank Engine coloring pages. Color them and blow them up to poster size at your local copy shop.
  • Make a Thomas T-shirt for your child and all the party guests using this free Thomas and Friends iron-on transfer design. Or hand each child an engineer hat as they arrive.
  • Use sidewalk chalk to draw a railroad crossing sign at the end of your driveway. Print “Island of Sodor Just Ahead” with an arrow pointing to your door.
  • Then use duct tape to create a railroad track up to your door.
  • Make a sign that says “(child’s name) Train Station” and hang it on the door. Use painters tape indoors (so it won’t damage your floors) to make a track leading from the door into the party room.
  • Make your own train decoration using empty juice boxes with these video directions. Use blue, red and green construction paper to create trains that look like Thomas and his friends.
  • Make your own railroad signs using these printable pages and use them as table decorations.


Thomas the Train Party Games

  • Which number goes with which engine? – printable activity sheet using Henry, Edward, and Thomas.
  • Set out all the train track you own into one big track in the driveway or garage, then let the kids play with all the trains.
  • Print copies of these free printable Thomas the Tank Engine coloring pages. Use them as a quiet activity for the guests, or blow them up at your local copy store to use as decorations.
  • Set up several tables with a different activity on each and label the tables as train stations. Puzzle Station, Sodor Tattoo Station, Coloring Station, etc.
  • Use a train piñata.
  • Make a Train – Get three really big cardboard boxes from an appliance store. Let the children use markers and colored paper to decorate them as different Thomas train cars. Suggest they make one into Thomas, another into Henrietta (the passenger car), and the last one can be a troublesome truck. Then plan some free play with their new train.
  • Hot Train-  Just like Hot Potato but using any Thomas train. The children sit in a circle and pass the train around while tsome music plays (use a train song if you have one). Then stop the music randomly and whoever is holding the train is out of the game. Keep playing until only one child remains, and he is the winner.
  • Pin the Nose on James – Just like pin the tail on the donkey, but this version is based on the Thomas the Tank story when James was stung by a bee and his nose turned bright red. Make a poster of James using this free printable Thomas the Tank Engine coloring page, and cut out lots of red noses from construction paper.
  • Sir Topham Hatt Says – Change Simon Says into Sir Topham Hatt Says. Let the birthday boy go first.
  • Paint the Railroad Tracks – Before the party, glue together popsicle sticks to make pieces of track for the children to paint.
  • Build a Tunnel for Henry – First read the story about Henry and his new paint. Henry refused to leave a tunnel because he thought the rain would spoil his new paint job. So Sir Topham Hatt had a brick wall built to block him in and teach Henry a lesson. It’s removed later, of course. Before the party, paint a cardboard box green to be Henry and have ready toy cardboard bricks. After reading the story, let the children build their own brick wall around Henry. They will probably knock it down and want to build it again!
  • Trackless Train – You may be able to rent a trackless train to come to your party for an hour or two. You may want to save this for the very end of the party, though, because other moms have found that it is so popular that the kids wouldn’t get off it to eat cake.
  • Engineer Relay Race – Fill a laundry basket with an engineer outfit for each team. Include really big overalls or jeans, a bandana, and an engineer hat. Divide the children into teams, and then have the first person on each team run to the basket, put on all the clothes, then take them off for the next team member. Keep going until both teams have finished.
  • Story Time – End the party by reading your son’s favorite Thomas story out loud.


Thomas the Train Party Food

  • Cut sandwiches or cookies with a train cookie cutter.
  • Hot dogs and brown beans.
  • Make a group of candy trains from a roll of life savers and Hershey kisses using these easy directions. You could also put these in the favor bags.
  • Serve a bowl of black licorice candy or jelly beans and call them “coal”.
  • Build a train track around the birthday cake.
  • And for a special Train Birthday Cake, use one of these recipes that include pictures or a video to make the cake yourself. Just change the frosting colors to match your child’s favorite Thomas trains:
  • Here are step-by-step video instructions to make an adorable Train Birthday Cake using two loaf cakes. One is cut into train cars and the other makes the engine.
  • This Birthday Train Cake uses store-bought pound cakes to build a train.
  • Or use a train cake pan to get a great design for the birthday cake. Just change the frosting color to blue to create Thomas.


Thomas the Train Party Favors

Party guests will like wooden train whistles, an engineer’s hat, Thomas stickers and one of the paperback Thomas story books.

Take the work out of planning the favor bags by ordering complete Thomas the Train Party favor sets.


Personalized Thomas the Train Party Supplies

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