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Disney’s Tangled Party Ideas

Tangled is a new version of the story of Rapunzel in the latest Disney princess movie. Princess Rapunzel is a determined girl who uses her super long hair in lots of surprising ways, as she escapes from the tower and finds her true family. There’s no prince charming in this tale, since  Flynn Rider is a thief who hides in the tower. If your little girl wants a Tangled party, let us help you plan it!

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Helpful links: Link to official Disney Tangled website.


Tangled Party Invitations

If you can make the Tangled party invitations yourself, find a Tangled image online and use wording like this:

  • Once upon a time, in a tower far away,
  • Little girls were summoned
  • For a special birthday!
  • Get Tangled up in Fun at [name]‘s Birthday Party

Take a look at these personalized Tangled Party invitations:


Tangled Party Decorations

  • Rapunzel’s Tower – Build a tower out of empty boxes and let the girls decorate it with markers and stickers. This can be small or large enough for the girls to play in, depending on your box sizes.
  • Choose pink and purple as the colors for streamers, balloons, and table covers.
  • Use long strips of yellow streamers to create a large bundle to look like Rapunzel’s hair, and drape it from a window or from the ceiling.
  • Gather all the Tangled toys you own such as a Rapunzel doll, Maximus the horse or Pascal the frog and decorate a small table or chair.
  • Provide a blonde wig for each girl to wear during the party. These can be their main party favor to be taken home.
  • Play the Tangled soundtrack.
  • Tie shaped foil Tangled balloons to the birthday girl’s chair.


Tangled Party Games

  • Set up a table with hair supplies as your Tangled Styling Station, and style the girls’ hair.
  • Flynn Rider’s Jewel Hunt – Flynn Rider stole a bag of jewels in the movie! Before the party, hide “gems” and play jewelry in the yard or another room. Tell the girls that Flynn has stolen the jewels, and they must find them all.
  • Give each guest this Wanted Poster to color, just like Flynn Rider in the movie.
  • With younger girls, read the Rapunzel story out loud.
  • Play Musical Chairs to the Tangled soundtrack.
  • Pin the hair on Rapunzel.
  • Rapunzel Coloring Pages – Check out this list of free Tangled coloring pages. Just print out enough copies for your guests, and provide crayons and markers.
  • And don’t forget a piñata!


Tangled Party Food


Tangled Party Favors

Choose fun party favors like:

  • Hair supplies like a small (travel size) brush, ponytail holders, and pretty hair clips.
  • Tangled stickers
  • Personalized Tangled favors like zipper pulls, bookmarks and stickers.
  • Tiara
  • Princess shaped silly rubber bands

Take the work out of planning the favor bags by ordering complete Tangled Party favor sets.


Personalized Tangled Party Supplies

  1. Tangled party invitations
  2. Personalized Tangled favors like bookmarks or zipper pulls
  3. Order a personalized Tangled banner to hang behind your child’s chair at the food table, or on the wall.
  4. Tangled stickers to close the goody bags that say “Thank you for coming to my party.”
  5. Add to your theme with personalized items. Use your child’s name, the names of each of your guests (for stickers or favors) or a message (on stickers or the banner)!

Dress Up

Tangled Dress Up

Tangled Gift Ideas

Tangled Party Supplies