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Surf Party Ideas

Catch a wave and plan a surf party for your child’s birthday party! A surfer party can be held in your own backyard or at the beach with these surf party planning ideas and surf party supplies.

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Where to have the party? -   Hold your surf theme party in your backyard, at the beach, or by a pool.

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Surf Party Invitations If you can make the invitations yourself, find clip art of a surf board online and add wording like this:

  1. Surf’s Up! Catch a Wave over to [name]‘s Surfer Party!
  2. [or]  Surf on Over for some Fun in the Sun!

Take a look at these personalized Surf Party invitations:


Surf Party Decorations

You won’t need traditional decorations if your surfer party is held on a beach, because the ocean itself is the main attraction. You will need to bring beach balls, sand toys, beach umbrellas and chairs. And don’t forget a few bottles of spray-on sunscreen. A good way to identify your party area for guests is to anchor balloon clusters on both sides.

For a surf party in the back yard, use some of these beach decorating ideas:

  • Set up your own beach area using a sandbox or a wading pool. Fill with clean play sand and a bunch of sand toys. Set out beach balls and hula hoops. These would look cute hanging off tree branches.
  • Cut a few surf board shapes from foam poster board, color them and hang from tree branches.
  • Make a water slide by setting a kiddy pool full of water at the bottom of your slide. My husband puts a hose at the top of the slide so that water runs down into the pool as the kids slide…it keeps the slide from getting too hot in the sun.
  • Use sidewalk chalk to draw giant letters spelling out “Beach This Way” and an arrow pointing to your yard.
  • A sand pail filled with a few bottles of sunscreen (the spray cans are the easiest to apply).
  • Hand out flower leis to everybody as they arrive.
  • Play a CD of summer party music. A luau party CD would also work.
  • Decorate the tables with snorkel masks, seashells and starfish.
  • Hang a banner that says “Welcome to [name] Beach!”
  • Make some balloon clusters using plain colored balloons and one shaped mylar balloon. There are some great mylar balloon shapes available like a shark, fish, flip-flops and beach ball. Anchor the clusters at key spots in the yard including the entrance and food table.
  • Hang a colorful piñata that matches your theme as a decoration. Later it will become an activity when the kids break it open.


Surf Party Games and Craft Ideas

  • Hire an instructor to give the kids a surfing lesson.
  • Beach Scavenger Hunt
  • Tug-of-War – Place a long rope over a hole dug in the sand. Each team lines up along the rope and tries to pull together to drag the other team into the hole.
  • Beach Towel Musical Chairs – Instead of chairs, the kids must lie down on a beach towel when the music stops!
  • Limbo! – Use a CD of summer music or make your own with songs from the Beach Boys, Bob Marley, Under the Limbo stick and Limbo Rock. How low can you go???
  • Hula Hoop Contest – Play some lively music while the guests use the hula hoops. See who can hula the longest, who can hula using their arms, who can stand on one foot, etc.
  • Wipe Out Freeze Dance – All the kids dance while you play beach music, but when you turn off the sound and call “wipe out!”, they must stop moving and fall to the ground. Anyone still moving is out until the next game begins. Keep playing until only one surfer is left.
  • Squirt guns and water balloons for a team water fight.
  • A shark pinata!


Surf Party Food


Surf Party Favors

Choose fun party favors like beach balls, sand pails, or sunglasses, along with some fun candy.

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Personalized Surf Party Supplies

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Surf Dress Up

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