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Summer Party Ideas

Celebrate summer birthdays with our fun-in-the-sun summer party ideas! We’ve got ideas for summer party themes, summer games, plus summer party food and decorating ideas.

Choosing a theme for your summer party will make planning the decorations and games much easier. Young kids might love a “splash party” with squirt guns and kiddie pools. A group of boys might prefer a baseball theme with a wiffle ball game in your back yard. Or if your kids like to dance, you might use a hula theme in your yard. Other popular summer party themes are pirates, surfer, ocean creatures, beach or jungle animals.

Where to have the party?  -Either in your back yard or a nearby park.

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Summer Party Invitations

  1. A popular method is to print the invitation on an inflated beach ball. Then let all the air out and send it in an envelope. Guests will then blow up the beach ball to read your invitation.
  2. Another cute idea is to use ribbon to tie a regular paper invitation to a small squirt gun or kiddie sunglasses.

Take a look at these personalized Summer Party invitations:


Summer Party Decorations

  • Lawn chairs, beach towels and beach balls
  • Sand pails and flower leis
  • Beach music
  • Personalized summer party banner hung on the fence
  • Wading pools or lawn sprinkler
  • Hula hoops
  • Purchase mylar balloons that match your summer party theme and surround each one with a cluster of the cheaper latex balloons. Tie together 5 or 7 balloons, with the mylar one slightly higher than the others. Then anchor the cluster of balloons in a prominent spot in the party room
  • Use a pop-up tent to create some shade as a play area for the youngest guests.
  • Hang a colorful piñata that matches your theme as a decoration. Later it will become an activity when the kids break it open.


Summer Party Games and Craft Ideas

  1. Water Fun – We’ve held summer parties where the best activity was a supply of squirt guns! We set up a wading pool full of water for quick and easy refills, and this kept the kids happy for a long time!
  2. summer games like limbo, tug of war, a pinata, capture the flag or a water balloon fight are all good choices.
  3. Hula Hoop Contest – Turn on some music and see who can hula hoop the longest. Call out variations every so often, like touch your head, stand on one leg, or turn around to make it more challenging.
  4. Hula Hoop Pass – This was a lot of fun at our party. First divide the children into equal teams, and have them line up, holding hands. Hand a hula hoop to the child at the end of each line. When you say “Go!” the first child on each team must put the hula hoop over his/her head and shoulders, step through it, and pass it to the next child… all while continuing to hold the next child’s hand! The team that gets its hula hoop to the end of the line fastest without breaking the chain wins.
  5. Softball Pass – Divide the children into two teams, and have the teams form two lines. Hand a softball to the child at the front of each line. When you say “Go!” the first child puts the softball under his/her chin, and passes it to the next child in line, who then takes the ball beneath his/her chin, turns, and passes it to the next child in line. Whichever team is first to get its softball to the back of the line wins the game.
  6. Water Balloon Toss – Divide the children into pairs, and have the pairs form two facing lines with 3’ in between them. Give a water balloon to each child on one side. Tell the children to toss their balloons to their partners, who must then take a step backwards before tossing the balloons back. Play until only one pair is left with an intact water balloon and wins the game.
  7. Sandbox Hunt – Hide seashells (or plastic gold coins) in a sandbox before the party, and let your guests take turns digging them up. Give each guest a pail, a shovel, and two minutes to dig, and then let the children keep their seashells or trade them in for prizes.
  8. 500 – Give a water balloon to one of the kids, have him/her throw the balloon in the air and call out a number, like “100!” If one of the other children successfully catches the water balloon without breaking it, he/she is awarded the points called. The first child to earn 500 points wins and gets a prize or you could instead let them switch places with the thrower.
  9. And don’t forget a piñata!
  1. Fun Flip Flops – Give each guest a pair of flip flops and an assortment of decorations, like stick-on jewels, glitter glue, puffy shirt paints, jingle bells, embroidery thread, and colorful permanent markers. Give your guests 20 – 30 minutes to design their funky flip flops, then let the kids have a mini fashion show.
  2. Sand Art – Children of all ages like to make a jar with layers of colored sand. Set out tiny funnels, colored sand, and little glass bottles with lids or corks.
  3. Summer Jewelry Craft – Provide your guests with an assortment of shells, beads with an ocean theme, and thread, and let the kids make ocean -themed bracelets and necklaces to take home as a fun party keepsake.
  4. Set up a table with crayons and these free printable summer coloring pages as a quiet activity.


Summer Party Food


Summer Party Favors

Choose fun party favors like beach balls, sand pails, or sunglasses, along with some fun candy.

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Personalized Summer Party Supplies

Take a look at our ideas for using personalized party supplies

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