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Spiderman Party Ideas

Is a Spiderman party in your future? Kids love the adventures of Spiderman as he fights villains like Doctor Octopus, Sandman and the Green Goblin. We’ll use our spider-sense to plan a fantastic Spiderman theme party for a Spiderman birthday party your child will love!

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Spiderman Party Invitations

To make your own invitations, use a photo of Spiderman from the internet and add wording like this:

Calling All Spiderboys and Spidergirls!

You’re Invited to [name]’s Birthday Party

Swing on Over for some Spidey Fun!

Give party details like date, time and location.

RSVP to the SpiderMom at [phone number]

Take a look at these personalized Spiderman Party invitations:


Spiderman Party Decorations

  • Choose red and blue as the colors for streamers, balloons, and table covers. Use the blue streamers to make a giant spider web on the ceiling.
  • Gather all the toys you own that support this theme such as Spiderman figures and Lego sets to use as decorations.
  • Use stretchy cobwebs (often used as Halloween decorations) to create spider webs over your front door and maybe in the bathroom or another doorway. Stick plastic spiders in the webs.
  • Create a Spiderman scene on a wall in the party room by cutting out tall buildings from black poster board to make a city skyline. Let your child color pictures of Spiderman and the villains that you can cut out and tape to the buildings. Make it look like Spidey is chasing the bad guys.
  • Anchor clusters of Spiderman balloons around the party area, and tie a group of five balloons to the birthday child’s chair. I usually get a shaped Spiderman Mylar balloon as one of the five balloons.


Spiderman Games

  • As children arrive, let them color this free printable Spiderman coloring page while you wait for all the guests.
  • Web Blast – Hang pictures of villains like the Green Goblin, Doc Oc and Sandman around your yard, on bushes, and hanging from trees. Give each guest a can of silly string and send them out to hunt for the bad guys and blast them with their web (the silly string). This is messy so it should be an outdoor game!
  • Spiderman Toss – Use a small basketball hoop and net for this game. Hand the kids three balls to toss into the Spidey net.
  • Pin Spiderman on the Web – Draw a web on a large poster board with one tall building. Cut out lots of Spiderman figures from a coloring book and put double-sided tape on the back. Blindfold the kids one at a time and let them try to pin Spidey onto the side of the building.
  • Web Walk Game – Before the party, draw webs onto black construction paper with a white crayon. Glue a picture of a villain onto each web. On one web put a pic of Spiderman. You will need one web for each party guest. Play the game like musical chairs using Spiderman music if you have it. Otherwise, any kid’s music works just as well. When you turn off the music, each guest must stand on a web. Call out the name of a villain, and whoever is on that web is out of the game. (Variation for younger kids could be to give a Spiderman sticker to the child and let them continue playing. Just be sure each guest gets a sticker sometime during the game.) Keep playing until only the web with Spiderman on it is left. Whoever gets there first is the winner.
  • Spider Craft – Provide Styrofoam balls, black pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes and glue. Let each child make a spider by pushing four black pipe cleaners into each side of the Styrofoam ball to create eight legs. Bend each leg so the spider stands. Glue on the wiggly eyes. Leave enough time for the glue to dry and let the kids take them home at the end of the party.
  • Spider web craft
  • A matching Spiderman pinata is always a hit with the kids!
  • Arrange for one of your adult friends to come at the end of the party dressed in a Spiderman costume for a surprise visit. The kids will all love it! He can remind the kids that “with great power comes great responsibility” and then hand out the goody bags.


Spiderman Party Food

Honestly, kids will be having so much fun at this party that you don’t need to worry about food. If you want to tie in the Spiderman theme you could serve:

  • Spiderman Punch made from Hawaiian Punch and Green Goblin Juice using any green kids drink.
  • Spider Cracker Snacks
  • Spider Cookies made with sandwich cookies and licorice string.
  • Spider Marshmallows made by sticking eight chow mein noodles (or small pretzel sticks) into a large marshmallow as the legs. Add mini M&M’s for eyes.
  • Spider lollipops – these would also be good added to the goody bags.
  • Here is the Spiderman cake I made for my son’s party. He had a Spiderman motorcycle toy and the Spiderman figure was in a sitting position, so I added a cupcake on top as a stool and let Spidey sit on that for the cake. My son and his friends loved it!
  • Make another version of a Spiderman cake with these easy directions.
  • Decorate the birthday cake with a Spiderman cake topper.


Spiderman Party Favors

Choose party favors like Spiderman stickers, a mini flashlight or a Spiderman bouncy ball.

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