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Shrek Party Ideas and Shrek Party Supplies

A Shrek birthday party makes a great theme for parties that include boys and girls. Kids love the green ogre and Fiona, their friends Donkey and Puss-n-Boots and their adventures in the land of Far, Far Away!

Order your Shrek party supplies online to make shopping easy. This is one of the best time-saving tips because you avoid making trips to different stores.

Shrek theme party supplies are easiest to find when there is a recent movie, but a solid green plate will always work for this theme:



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Shrek Party Invitations

To make your own invitations, use a photo of Shrek from the internet and add wording like this:


Shrek Invites You to the Swamp for [name]’s Birthday Party

We’ll Travel to the Land of Far, Far Away and Meet Donkey and Fiona

RSVP to the King and Queen at [phone number]

Print the invitations on paper with a scroll design (available at Staples and other office supply stores), roll them up and tie with a piece of raffia.


Shrek Party Decorations

  • Choose light and dark green as the colors for streamers, balloons, and table covers.
  • Make a poster for the front door saying “Welcome to the Land of Far, Far Away”
  • Decorate the food table as “The Castle” using a Shrek tablecover, matching plates and plastic goblets for the drinks. Put a crown at the birthday child’s seat.
  • Decorate the rest of the party area as “The Swamp”. Use houseplants and artificial trees for the forest and set them around a light brown sheet (or fabric or tablecloth) on the floor for the swamp area. Hang green streamers and green balloons from the ceiling. Make Shrek’s house from a large refrigerator box and hang a “Beware Ogre” sign on the door just like in the movie.
  • Tie a green balloon to the back of each chair, and tie a group of five balloons to the birthday child’s chair.
  • Gather all the Shrek toys you own to use as table decorations.
  • Make a Shrek tee shirt for each guest using this Shrek iron-on transfer design.


Shrek Games

  1. Puss in Boots Race – Get two pairs of adult boots. Divide the guest into two teams and set up a relay race where the runner must put on the boots, run to the other side of the room and back, and give the boots to the next team member. Whichever team finishes first is the winner.
  2. Fairy Godmother’s Potion Factory – Using food coloring, tint four bottles of lemon-lime soda different colors. Label them with names like “Happily Ever After Potion”, “Vanishing Potion”, or “Ogre’s Curse”. Using clear plastic cups let each guest mix their own potion and drink it!
  3. The Royal Family Jewels – Provide licorice string, round “O” shaped fruity cereal and candy (like life savers) and let the kids make their own edible candy necklace.
  4. Toss Puss in the Boots – Print out pictures of Puss and tape them to tennis balls. Use a pair of adult boots and let the kids take turns trying to toss Puss into them.
  5. Far, Far Away Idol – One at a time, let the kids sing along with their favorite character in the extra feature called “Far, Far Away Idol” on the Shrek 2 movie DVD.
  6. Poison Apple – Play Hot Potato using an apple.
  7. Shrek & Fiona’s Beauty Parlor – Buy some green nail polish and give everyone green fingernails.
  8. Swamp Slime – Let the kids each make green slime using this recipe from the scouts website.
  9. Stuck in the Swamp – Play musical chairs and the child who is out becomes stuck in the swamp until the end of the game. Use music from the movies.
  10. Dragon Egg Hunt – Hide colored eggs and send the children to search for them.
  11. Shrek Coloring Pages – Check out this list of free Shrek coloring pages. Just print out enough copies for your guests, and provide crayons and markers.
  12. Shrek Trivia – Make up your own Shrek trivia questions before the party. Divide the guests into two teams and take turns asking each team a question. Sample questions could be:
  1. What kind of creature is Shrek?
  2. Which star does Shrek show Donkey?
  3. Shrek cooks a dinner made of what? S
  4. hrek makes a candle from what?
  5. Where does the muffin man live?
  6. According to Shrek, what do the people shout when they see him?
  7. Where is the Princess in the tower?
  8. What does Shrek blow up like a balloon and give to Fiona?
  9. What happens to the Princess every night?
  10. Why does Lord Farquaad want to marry the Princess?
  11. When the dragon eats Lord Farquaad, what does she spit out?
  1. Pin the Tail on Donkey – A classic kid’s game that is perfect for a Shrek party!
  2. A dragon piñata will be a hit with the kids!
  3. Gingy the Gingerbread Man – Make or buy plain gingerbread cookies and let the kids decorate them with frosting, M&M eyes and gumdrop buttons. Variation: Use play dough and a gingerbread cookie cutter to let the kids create Gingy. Let them take their Gingy home.
  4. For a summer party, set up a Slip ‘n Slide in the yard and call it Shrek’s Swamp Slide.
  5. Shrek Craft using an empty cardboard tube.
  6. Donkey Craft using an empty cardboard tube.


Shrek Party Food

  • Bugs on a Log made by filling celery sticks with cream cheese or peanut butter and adding a few raisins on top as the bugs.
  • Swamp Dip and Chips – Add a few drops of green food coloring to ranch dressing.
  • Fiona’s Wands – Dip the ends of pretzel rods in melted green chocolate wafers (available at craft stores in the candy making area). Add some chocolate sprinkles as ants.
  • Worms in Dirt – Fill a clear plastic cup with chocolate pudding and top with crushed Oreo cookies as the dirt. Place two gummy worms in the dirt and serve with a spoon.
  • Slime – Green jello with gummy worms.
  • Gingerbread Man cookies.
  • Shrek Cake – Make a 9×13” cake and cover with white frosting. Add chocolate sprinkles in an oval shape to make the swamp, and stick a few gummy worms and gummy frogs in the swamp. Use a toy Shrek and Fiona figure and put them standing near the edge of the swamp.
  • Castle Cake- Make a boy or girl’s castle cake using these video directions from the Betty Crocker Kitchens.


Shrek Party Favors

Choose fun party favors like glow necklaces, Shrek stickers, rubber bugs and an inflatable sword. Add a princess item like a bracelet for girls. Take the work out of planning the favor bags by ordering complete Shrek Party favor sets.


Personalized Shrek Party Supplies

Sorry, but there aren’t many personalized Shrek items available anymore, because the last movie was released in 2010. It’s easier to find items when there is a recent movie in theaters.

Take a look at our ideas for using personalized party supplies.

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