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Sesame Street Party Ideas

“B” is for Birthday with these Sesame Street party ideas! We’ll invite Elmo, Big Bird and all their friends to celebrate your child’s big day. Feel free to alter any of these party ideas to emphasize your child’s favorite Sesame Street character.

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Sesame Street Party Invitations

  1. If you can make the Sesame Street party invitations yourself, find a Sesame Street image online and use wording like this:
    • “B” is for Birthday and “P” is for Play
    • Join Big Bird (substitute your child’s favorite character) to Celebrate [child's name]‘s Birthday!
  2. Wording option #2:
    • Sunny Day, Everything’s A-OK
    • Come and Play at [child's name]‘s 2nd Birthday!
  3. Use colored paper to match your child’s favorite Sesame Street character.
  4. At the bottom of the invitation, add this wording (from the TV show) “This invitation has been brought to you by the letter [use the first letter in your child's name] and the number [use your child's age]!
  5. Take a look at these personalized Sesame Street Party invitations:


Sesame Street Party Decorations

Wow, there are so many things from the show that could inspire your party decorations. Here is a list to get you started. Pick a few of these ideas or go all out and decorate everywhere!

  • Use primary colors such as yellow, blue and red for streamers, balloons, and table covers.
  • Make or order a banner that says “Welcome to Sesame Street!” and hang it over the entrance to the party.
  • Order one of the big air-walker balloons to stand next to the front door and greet your guests. I’ve seen them in Big Bird and Elmo designs.
  • Pull out all the Sesame Street toys you own to create decorations. Group stuffed animals together in a chair, and tie a balloon to one of their arms.
  • Foil balloons in a variety of Sesame Street characters.
  • Buy a set of multi-colored paper letters from a teacher supply store and string them together to make a garland. Hang the garland on the wall at kid’s height or attach it to each end of the food table. Variation: Make the garland using paper numbers.
  • Cover empty cereal boxes or shoe boxes with solid color paper and glue a large number, letter or picture of a Sesame Street character to the side. Then use them to build a small block tower along the back of your food table (preferably push the table up against a wall, so they don’t topple over.)
  • Decorate with letters and numbers on your doors or a wall. Remember to use any magnetic or foam letters you may own.
  • Party blowers – Toddlers and pre-school age children love them!
  • Party Hats are perfect for this age group, too.
  • Always tie five helium balloons to the birthday child’s chair. I usually get a shaped mylar balloon as one of the five balloons.


Sesame Street Party Games

Since a Sesame Street party theme is usually for toddlers, plan simple and easy games for your party and make sure every child succeeds. That means bending traditional “rules” to let each guest feel like a winner. If you hand out prizes, have a prize for every guest.

  1. Cookie Monster’s Guessing Game: Fill a glass jar with cookies before the party. When your guests arrive, let each child guess how many cookies are in the jar. At the end of the party, announce who was closest to the correct number and give that child the jar of cookies to take home.
  2. Sesame Street Coloring Pages – Check out this list of free Sesame Street coloring pages from the Sesame Street website. Just print out enough copies for your guests, and provide crayons and markers.
  3. I See Yellow Game – Before the party, hide 5 or more yellow objects around the room, making sure some are fairly obvious. At the party, tell the children “I see yellow things in this room. Can you see them?” Let the kids look around until they have identified all the yellow items. The color can be changed to blue for Cookie Monster, red for Elmo, pink for Abby Cadabby, etc. – just choose the color of your child’s favorite character.
  4. Oscar’s Garbage Can Toss – Before the party, make balls of crumpled newspaper. You will also need a trash container. Find a picture of Oscar and tape it to the front of the trash can. At the party, let the children take turns filling Oscar’s trash can by tossing the balls of paper. Where they stand to toss the balls is not important, and some children may need to walk right up to the trash can. That’s alright, since you want everyone to be successful.
  5. Tape the Cookie on Cookie Monster: Use a poster of the Cookie Monster and lots of cookies cut from brown construction paper to play this Sesame Street version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. (Variations: Tape the beak on Big Bird, or Tape the wings on Abby Cadabby;)
  6. Ernie’s Rubber Ducky Search – Hide lots of small yellow rubber ducks before the party. Make sure the hiding spots are fairly obvious and no higher than the guests can reach. At the party, send the kids to find all of Ernie’s ducks.
  7. Change Simon Says into Big Bird Says.
  8. Letter of the Day Game – pick the first letter of birthday child’s name as the letter of the day and ask the children to think of words starting with that letter. Choose another letter for a second round, or for a small party use the first letter of each guest’s name for additional rounds of this game.
  9. Play Doh Table – Set up a small table with red, blue and yellow play dough along with some cookie cutters and let the children play. Have a few plastic bags ready in case any guests want to take their creation home with them. See our list of homemade play dough recipes if you’d like to mix your own dough.
  10. Big Bird’s Clothespin Search – Attach clothespins to items in the room. Then instruct the guests to go get as many as they can find.
  11. A matching Sesame Street piñata is always a hit with the kids!


Sesame Street Party Food

  • Elmo’s favorite food is pizza! Stick with cheese pizza for this age group.
  • Grover’s ABC sandwiches – make kid friendly sandwiches and cut into four triangles.
  • Bert & Ernie’s chicken tenders.
  • Elmo’s Goldfish snack mix – Mix together some kid friendly dry cereal with plenty of goldfish crackers.
  • Oscar’s Dirt Cups – Fill small cups with chocolate pudding and top with crushed chocolate cookies. Add one gummy worm.
  • Abby Cadabby’s pink lemonade.
  • Big Bird’s apple juice.
  • Make your own Sesame Street cake with a shaped cake pan. I’ve seen them in the shape of Big Bird and Elmo.
  • Make your own Sesame Street cake pops with these step-by-step directions from
  • Sesame Street cupcake recipe and photo directions from


Party Favors

Choose fun party favors like:

  1. Sesame Street stickers
  2. Elmo zipper pulls
  3. Yellow rubber ducky (like Ernie has)
  4. A snack bag of goldfish crackers (Elmo’s goldfish, Dorothy)
  5. A small container of play doh
  6. Order personalized stickers to close the goody bags that say “This party has been brought to you by the letter [use the first letter in your child's name] and the number [use your child's age]!”
  7. Personalized favors like zipper pulls, bookmarks and stickers.

Take the work out of planning the favor bags by ordering complete Sesame Street party favor sets.


Personalized Sesame Street Party Supplies

  1. Sesame Street party invitations
  2. Personalized Sesame Street favors
  3. Order a personalized Sesame Street banner to hang behind your child’s chair at the food table, or on the wall.
  4. Sesame Street stickers to close the goody bags that say “Thank you for coming to my party.”
  5. Add to your theme with personalized items. Use your child’s name, the names of each of your guests (for stickers or favors) or a message (on stickers or the banner)!

Take a look at our ideas for using personalized party supplies.

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