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Princess Party Ideas

Birthday Princess Party Ideas & Princess Party Supplies

From Disney Princess party to Cinderella party to Pink Princess party, we have Birthday Princess Party Ideas and Princess Party Supplies  to help you plan a royal princess birthday party!

For easy party planning order your princess party supplies on-line. Then, use this birthday party guide to plan your princess decorations, games and activities.

Popular Princess Party Themes:


Princess Party Invitations


  • Make your own royal invitations on paper with a scroll design (available at Staples) and use wording like this:
    • Princess (child’s name) invites you to a Royal Ball to celebrate her 5th Birthday.
    • Come to the (last name) Castle at (date and time of party).
    • RSVP to the Queen and King at (your phone number).
  • Ask guests to come dressed as a princess. Roll the invitations into scrolls, tie them up with red or purple satin ribbon, and hand deliver them to your party guests.
  • Or you can order matching personalized princess party invitations like these:


Princess Party Decorations

  • Choose purple, pink, and silver for the balloons and streamers.
  • Turn cone party hats into princess hats by stapling a long piece of purple tulle netting to the top. This is fast and easy, and the little girls LOVED wearing these at my daughter’s party.
  • Write “Mirror, mirror on the wall…” on the bathroom mirror.
  • Tape large silver stars to the walls.
  • Tape balloons all over the front door frame to create an arch for the girls to walk through as they enter the party.
  • Hang clear Christmas lights around windows or doors in the party room. Make or order a banner that says something like “Welcome to (your last name) Kingdom” and hang on a wall.
  • Use a pumpkin as the centerpiece for the table.
  • Hang a castle piñata, and it becomes an activity later.


Princess Party Games


As children arrive, let them color this free printable princess coloring page while you wait for all the guests.


Wishing Well Coin Toss – Use gold plastic coins and a bucket or basket as the wishing well. Let the girls take turns trying to toss the coins into the well. If they do toss one into the well, tell them to make a wish. Try tossing the coins from different spots, and be sure to let each of the girls get at least one coin into the well.

Pin the Crown on the Princess – This is a princess version of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. oster board and drew a picture of Ariel and colored it in with pencils. I then cut out on white paper some flat crown shapes that would fit Ariel’s head. When the kids showed up I had them pick out the crown shape they preferred, write their name on it and decorate it. They used markers, crayons, pencils, glitter, and stickers. We then had a most original crown contest before blindfolding the girls and having them try to crown the princess. We stuck double sided tape on the back of the crowns to make it easy. Winner was closest.

Royal Ballroom Freeze Dance – Play a CD of princess music while all the children dance. When you turn off the music, everyone must “freeze” where they are. Anyone still moving is out. Keep playing until only one dancer is left, and this is the winner. Kids LOVE this game in all its variations, so plan to play several rounds of freeze dance.

Royal Treasure Hunt – Hide lots of plastic coins and rings around the party area. Tell the children that someone has stolen the royal treasure, and send them to search for it. Provide a shoe box covered in aluminum foil and ribbons as the royal treasure chest, and have the kids put the treasure they find inside.

Pass the Poison Apple – Play it just like “Hot Potato” but with a red apple. Guests sit in a circle and pass the apple while music plays. When you turn off the music, whoever is holding the poison apple is out of the game. Continue with the music until only one girl is left, and she is the winner.

Royal Ball - Announce the name of each “princess” and let them take a bow. Then play a CD of princess music, like the soundtrack to a favorite princess movie, and let the girls dance at their “royal ball”.

Royal Slipper Craft – Before the party, gather lots of old high heel shoes and spray paint them gold. At the party, let the girls decorate the shoes with feathers, beads and jewels to create their very own royal shoes.


Princess Party Food



Princess Party Favors


Party guests will like a tiara, wand, bubbles, princess stickers and candy jewelry. Take the work out of planning the favor bags by ordering complete favor sets like one of these. Add a note that says “Thank you for coming to my princess party. I hope you had a ball!” If boys will be at your party, choose a Knight Favor Set.


Personalized Princess Party Supplies

Dress Up

Princess Dress Up

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