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Pirate Party Ideas

Would your child like to sail the seas on a pirate ship? Plan some swashbuckling fun with this Pirate birthday party guide. For easy party planning order your pirate party supplies on-line. Then use this birthday party guide to plan the rest of your decorations, food, and games for a great pirate party!

Popular Pirate Birthday Party Designs – Click on any of the designs below to shop for your pirate party supplies:

More Resources for a Pirate Party:


Pirate Party Invitations


To make your own invitations at home use wording like this:

Arggh, Mateys! It’s a Party for Pirates
Cap’n [child’s name] is setting sail for the 10th year.
Sailing Date: [party date]
Ship Sails at: [party start time]
Follow the map to the secret location: [your address]
RSVP or Walk the Plank! Call [phone no.]


Here’s a great way to deliver the invitations. First save empty plastic water bottles and remove the labels. Roll up the invitations and tie a piece of string around each one. Slide them inside the bottles, and leave the end of the string hanging out so the guests can easily pull the invitation out of the bottle.

Take a look at these personalized Pirate Party invitations:


Pirate Party Decorations

  • If your budget allows, buy eye patches, swords, plastic gold earrings and pirate hats for each guest to wear. Hand them out as the children arrive.
  • Make a large pirate flag from an old sheet and hang it on a wall or fence.
  • Choose balloons and streamers in black, red and gold metallic colors.
  • Use any cobwebs, skeletons or skull goblets from your Halloween decorations. Some luau decorations, like grass table skirts or palm trees could also work for a pirate theme.
  • Cover the table with disposable, black tablecovers, starfish and seashells, and fake pearls. Add some fish netting, if you have it.
  • Make skull and crossbones out of white construction paper, and hang it on one of the walls of the party area.
  • Play the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack or a sea sounds music CD.
  • Build a Pirate Ship and use it as both a decoration and a play area. You will need one or two large refriderator boxes. Cut off the top and shape the sides to create the basic shape of a ship…pointed at the front, and squared off at the end. Reinforce the corners with duct tape to help it hold together when the kids are playing inside. Use a pillow case to make a pirate flag, and attach it to a broom pole and place it in the middle of the ship. Push the pole into the ground or a plant pot to help it stand. Use paint to decorate the ship with a scary name, a skull and crossbones, etc. This makes a great spot for group photos during the party.
  • Or use these directions I found online, which includes a photo of the finished ship.
  • Place bunches of Balloons around the party area. For each group of 5-7 balloons, use one pirate mylar car balloon with the cheaper latex colored balloons.


Pirate Party Games


  • Balloon Sword fights – Have long, thin balloons for each guest to use as a sword. Divide the children into pairs for balloon sword battles.
  • Color a Pirate – Here is a list of free pirate coloring pages Print out your favorites for the children to color.
  • Pirate Tattoo Shop – Apply temporary tattoos or face paint designs on the guests. Washable markers with a fine point work really well, too. Choose simple designs like a snake or a sword.
  • Pin the Eyepatch on the Pirate – Use a pirate poster (or a coloring page that has been enlarged at a copy shop) and black eyepatches cut from construction paper. Whoever gets closest to the correct spot wins a small bag of chocolate coins.
  • Treasure Hunt – Hide the goody bags and send the guests off to find them. Write simple clues that send the group off to find the next clue. Try to have 5 or more clues. The very last clue should lead to the treasure. The treasure can be hidden on a bed with the door closed, or behind a bush outside, or in the garage. For children who can’t read yet, print out pictures of where to find each clue, or have an older sibling read the clues out loud. Here are some clue suggestions:
  1. The treasure is missing! Follow the clues, they’ll lead you to more. To find your next clue, look by the back door.
  2. A clue, a clue, now where can it be? I think there’s one hidden by the TV.
  3. The next clue is easy, it’s not hard at all. Look in the closet in the front hall.
  4. You’ll find the next clue, to keep and to hold, if you go to the place where Mom keeps the food cold.
  5. To find the next clue, be quick as a wink. Run along, now, and go look by the bathroom sink.
  • Walk the Plank – Use a blue paint tarp as the ocean, and lay a narrow piece of wood over it. If you have any blow-up crocodiles or sharks, put them on the water. Let the kids take turns walking across the plank without losing their balance. For older kids, lay the plank on two sturdy buckets (turned upside down) so they are really walking over the water. And if that’s too easy for them, make it a little harder by having them hold their hands behind their back.
  • Treasure Chest Craft – Buy small wooden or papier-mâché chests at the craft store and spray paint them brown. At the party, let the guests decorate them with pearl beads and gems. When everyone is finished, put some gold chocolate coins into each treasure chest.
  • Digging for Gold – Hide plastic gold coins and rocks that you have spray painted gold in a sandbox. Let the guests sift through the sand to find the gold. (this activity was a HUGE hit at my son’s party.)
  • Sink the Ship – Divide the guests into two pirate teams and have a water balloon fight. At my son’s party, one team was up in the playset fort and the other team was on the ground. It worked really well.
  • Spyglass/Telescope - This one is very simple because all you need is an empty paper towel roll for each child. The children can paint the outside of the roll first, and then glue strands of tissue paper to the end of paper roll.
  • A treasure chest pinata


Pirate Party Food Honestly, kids will be having so much fun at this party that you don’t need to worry about food. They will devour whatever you serve! If you do want to tie in the pirate theme, here are a few ways to do it:


  • Pirate Booty brand of popped rice snack
  • Gold Nuggets (just regular chicken nuggets)
  • Chunks of fruit served on sword picks
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Gold chocolate coins
  • Swashbuckling Pirate Ship Cake – see these easy directions.
  • Treasure Chest Cake – see these easy directions.
  • Crocodile Cake – this cake is for all pirate parties, and it works especially well with Captain Hook parties. I made it myself using these directions and it turned out really well! More importantly, my 11 year-old son loved it.


Pirate Party Favors


A small telescope, compass, pirate hat, black eye patch, toy alligator and gold chocolate coins are all good choices Take the work out of planning the favor bags by ordering complete Pirate Party favor sets.


Personalized Pirate Party Supplies

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Pirate Dress Up

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