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Penguin Party Ideas

With the terrific penguin movies recently plus the incredibly popular Club Penguin kids website, many kids now love penguins. So if a Penguin Party is what your child wants, you’ve come to the right party guide! A Penguin party theme makes a COOL party whether it’s summer or winter.

Ordering the Penguin party supplies online will make the shopping chore much easier. It saves time and money to have the party ware and party favors delivered right to your home.


Penguin Party Invitations

If you can make the Penguin party invitations yourself, find a penguin image online and use wording like this:

Jump on an Iceberg and Sail this Way

To a Penguin Adventure for [name]‘s Birthday!

Take a look at these personalized Penguin Party invitations:


Penguin Party Decorations

  • Choose white and black as the colors for streamers, balloons, and table covers and mix in a little bit of orange (maybe use orange forks and spoons, or add one orange balloon to a bunch that are mostly black and white.)
  • Make snowballs out of balls of white paper or Styrofoam balls.
  • Make icebergs from empty boxes that have been painted white.
  • Hang paper snowflakes from the ceiling.
  • Make a group of these cute paper penguins from Family Fun’s free printable and hang them in the party room.
  • Decorate with lots of penguin pictures!
  • Tie a balloon to the back of each chair, and tie a group of five balloons to the birthday child’s chair.


Penguin Party Games

  • Feed the Penguin bean bag toss – Attach a color picture of a penguin to an empty container like a small plastic trash can or bucket. Let the kids take turns tossing bean bags to “feed the penguin”.
  • Ice Cube Relay Race – Divide the guests into two teams. While holding an ice cube on a spoon, the first member of each team should run to the other side of the room and drop the ice cube into a bowl. Then run back and hand the spoon to the next team member. If they drop the ice cube, they should pick it up and keep going. Keep going with each team member racing with another ice cube.
  • Iceberg Escape – Paint a large cardboard box to look like a big ice cube or iceberg. Cut a hole in two sides so the children can crawl through the box. At the party, play music while the guests take turns crawling through the iceberg. Turn off the music at random times, and whoever is inside the iceberg is out of the game. Continue until only one child is left.
  • Penguin Waddle Race – Have each guest hold a white balloon between their knees as they race across the room. The effect is that the kids look like penguins waddling.
  • Penguin Bowling – Before the party, make your own set of Penguin bowling pins with these easy directions from Family Fun. On party day, use a basketball and let the kids take turns trying to knock down the penguins.
  • Pipe Cleaner Penguin Craft from Family Fun.
  • Find some fleece with a winter design at the fabric store and let the guests make their own No Sew Fleece Scarf.
  • As children arrive, let them color this free printable penguin coloring page while you wait for all the guests.
  • A matching piñata is always a hit with the kids!

Penguin movies for kids:

  1. Mr. Popper’s Penguins
  2. Happy Feet
  3. March of the Penguins


Penguin Party Food

  • Fish sticks (because penguins love fish!)
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Igloo Cheese Ball recipe from Betty Crocker
  • Fish shaped cookies
  • Snow cones
  • Pretend sushi made from rice crispies.
  • Depending on the guests’ age, orange juice or orange soda.
  • Powdered sugar donut holes can be called “snowballs”
  • Blue jello jigglers cut into cubes to look like blocks of ice.
  • Ice cream snow balls – scoop nice round balls of vanilla ice cream, then roll in coconut. Freeze until needed.
  • Oreo cookies decorated to look like penguins.
  • Igloo cake recipe from the Food Network
  • Another igloo cake recipe from Martha Stewart
  • Penguin cupcake directions from Family Fun


Penguin Party Favors

  • Packet of hot chocolate and some mini marshmallows
  • Penguin stickers
  • Small stuffed penguin toy
  • Personalized favors like zipper pulls, bookmarks and stickers.
  • Take the work out of planning the favor bags by ordering complete Penguin Party favor sets.


Personalized Penguin Party Supplies

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