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Movie Party Ideas

Invite your child and friends over for a movie night with popcorn, snacks and the latest kid’s film. A movie party is a great theme for a sleepover, too.

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Movie Party Invitations
To make your own invitations, use a photo of a tub of popcorn from the internet and add wording like this: Now Playing! You’re Invited to a Night at the Movies to celebrate [name]‘s Birthday!
Other invitation ideas:

  1. Make it look like a movie ticket
  2. Use the image of the famous Hollywood sign
  3. Use an image of a Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Take a look at these personalized Movie Party invitations:


Movie Party Decorations

  • Use big gold stars and print one person’s name in each, like the Hollywood Walk of Fame stars.
  • Arrange the food table to look similar to the concession stand at a movie theatre.
  • Choose red, black and yellow as the colors for streamers, balloons, and table covers.
  • Order some movie posters to decorate the walls.
  • Decorate with lots of balloons. Purchase mylar balloons that match your party theme and surround each one with a cluster of the cheaper latex balloons. Tie together 5 or 7 balloons, with the mylar one slightly higher than the others. Then anchor the cluster of balloons in a prominent spot in the party room. Good placement ideas are at the entrance to the room, at one end of the food table, near the activities, and next to large furniture.


Movie Party Games

  • Watch a favorite movie that is appropriate for the age group.
  • Movie trivia contest – Pick a few kid movies that everyone knows and look up trivia questions online before the party. Print the questions on slips of paper and people can take turns picking one of them and trying to answer the question.
  • Who Said It? – Make a list of famous quotes from popular children’s movies and let guests take turns trying to guess what movie they are from.
  • Movie Pictionary
  • Name that Movie Star – Collect photos of movie characters that the children are sure to know. Cut each photo in half from top to bottom, and discard one half. Tape the half-photos to a poster board and number them from 1 to 10. Hand out sheets of paper and let guests try to identify each photo. Winner is the person with the most correct answers.
  • And don’t forget a piñata!

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Movie Party Food

  • Pizza
  • Popcorn with fun seasonings to put on top. Try nacho seasoning, cinnamon sugar, or grated parmesan cheese.
  • Movie-style boxes of candy
  • Small sodas and bottled water
  • Soft pretzels
  • Nachos


Movie Party Favors

Choose fun party favors like popcorn flavored jelly belly candy, boxes of Sno-Caps or Twizzlers candy, or a package of microwave popcorn. Package the favors in a striped popcorn bag.


Personalized Movie Party Supplies

Take a look at our ideas for using personalized party supplies

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