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Ladybug Antennae Craft

Supplies for One:

  • ¾ inch wide stiff black headband
  • Long black pipe cleaners (one for straight antenna and two for curly)
  • 2 Large black pom poms
  • glue gun

To assemble:

  1. Cut the black pipe cleaner in half and glue the bottom half-inch to the top of the headband to form the antennae. You want to leave most of the pipe cleaner sticking straight up from the headband. Repeat with second half of pipe cleaner.
  2. Glue a large black pompom to the end of each pipe cleaner. That’s it! You’re done!
  3. Variation: to make curly antennae, use two pipe cleaners. Just wrap the bottom of a pipe cleaner tightly around the headband, and then start winding the rest of it around your finger to achieve the curl. Glue a large black pompom onto the ends and you’re done!

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