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Kung Fu

Kung Fu Panda Party Ideas

Invite the lovable Po and all the members of the Furious Five to your child’s birthday party! This party guide will help you plan a great Kung Fu Panda party.

Kung Fu Panda is a movie with a great story and lots of funny moments! The movie is about a sweet Panda named Po. Po’s father wants him to take over the family noodle restaurant, but Po’s dream is to become a Kung Fu Master. Po gets to learn kung fu from Master Shifu and the Furious Five, the best in all of China!

The Furious Five are Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper and Crane. In the end, Po develops enough talent and confidence to defeat the evil character named Tai Lin.

Start by ordering your Kung Fu Panda party supplies online. I find it’s so much easier than driving from store to store looking for all the supplies on my list.

Helpful Link:

Official Kung Fu Panda 2 website


Kung Fu Panda Party Invitations

Here are ways to design the invitation yourself: Use a photo of Po and his friends (can be found on the internet) on the front of a folded card;

  • Wording option #1: Come and Jump and Flip and Play, You’re Invited to a Kung Fu Panda Birthday!
  • Wording option #2: Prepare for Awesomeness! At [name]‘s Kung Fu Panda Party!

Take a look at these personalized Kung Fu Panda Party invitations: (not available yet, try back later in June)


Kung Fu Panda Party Decorations

  • Bring out any Kung Fu Panda toys that your child owns and use them as table decorations. Try to find a panda, snake and monkey to represent three of the main characters from the movie.
  • Use a tablecover, plates and a centerpiece in the Kung Fu Panda design.
  • Visit a nearby Asian store (or sometimes you can find Asian items at a dollar store) and look for Chinese paper lanterns and anything with a dragon design. Find paper Chinese food containers at the craft store. These can be used to serve food, to anchor clusters of balloons (if you put a heavy can inside), or as the favor boxes to hold treats.
  • Make your own paper Chinese lanterns with these easy instructions.
  • Place bunches of Balloons around the party area. For each group of 5-7 balloons, use one mylar balloon with a group of cheaper latex colored balloons.


Kung Fu Panda Party Games

  • Karate Chop – Save the foam trays that meat is packaged on and wash thoroughly. Paint them brown to look like wood boards. At the party, let the kids take turns making a loud yell and hitting the foam board with their best karate chop! The foam will easily break, letting everyone be a winner.
  • Kicking Practice – Collect a bunch of soft toys like bean bags and stuffed animals. At the party, let the kids take turns for this game. Have an adult toss the toys at the guest. The guest will kick or hit the toys away before they can hit his body.
  • Samurai Swordfights – Use long thin balloons as swords, and let the kids battle each other.
  • Pin the Black Belt on the Samurai – Use a poster of a man in martial arts uniform, and cut out lots of black belts from construction paper.
  • Play Doh figures – Supply lots of play doh in colors to match the Kung Fu Panda characters. Then let the kids mold their very own figure from the movie. It will help if you print out pictures from the official Kung Fu Panda website for the kids to use as a guide. Have a supply of paper Chinese take-out food containers (available at Michaels Craft store and others) to carry their creations home safely.
  • Change Simon Says into “Master Shifu Says”.
  • Kung Fu Panda Freeze Dance – play freeze dance using the song “Kung Fu Fighting” from the movie.
  • Kung Fu Panda coloring pages – Print out these free printable Kung Fu Panda coloring pages for a quiet activity. This idea is a good way to keep everyone busy while you wait for all the guests to arrive.
  • A matching piñata is always a hit with the kids!


Kung Fu Panda Party Food The kids will like mini egg rolls and fortune cookies. Add whatever else you own child will eat, like chicken nuggets or mini pigs in a blanket from the frozen food section of the grocery store. A fun idea is to order some fortune cookies with your own message inside. Say something like “Joey thanks you for coming to his karate party.” Here is one site that will make your custom fortune cookies:


Kung Fu Panda Party Favors

Choose foam ninja stars, Kung Fu Panda toy figures and matching stickers. Add candy, too!

Take the work out of planning the favor bags by ordering complete Kung Fu Panda Party favor sets.


Personalized Kung Fu Panda Supplies

Dress Up

Kung Fu Panda Dress Up

Kung Fu Panda Party Gift Ideas

Kung Fu Panda Party Supplies