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Karate Party Ideas

With so many children learning karate and other martial arts, planning a Karate party may be a great idea for your next party.

Order your Karate Party supplies online to make shopping easy. This is one of the best time-saving tips because you avoid making trips to different stores.

What the Colored Belts Mean

A beginner student in martial arts wears a white belt, and as a student learns additional skills, he/she wears a new belt in a different color to reflect the new rank. The martial arts belt colors, in order, are white, yellow, green, blue, red, and black. Some schools use white, yellow, green, brown, and black; and some karate schools use white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, and black.

How to Make a Simple White Uniform for Your Guests

White men’s size large undershirts can be made to look like a martial arts uniform for each guest. The uniform is called a “gi” and you can buy a roll of nylon webbing from a fabric store to make belts. While you’re there, look for fabric with an Asian design in red, white, and black. Purchase enough fabric to cut a headband for each guest, and purchase a roll of black nylon webbing (or another color to match your child’s current belt color) to cut a belt for each guest. You may even find dragon or tiger patches to iron onto the undershirts. When the children arrive on party day, provide each with a white shirt, a headband to wear around the forehead, and a belt.


More Resources for a Karate Party:


Karate Party Invitations

Take a look at these personalized Karate Party invitations:


Karate Party Decorations

  • Visit a nearby Asian store (or sometimes you can find Asian items at a dollar store) and look for Chinese paper lanterns and anything with a dragon design.
  • Find paper Chinese food containers at the craft store. These can be used to serve food, to anchor clusters of balloons (if you put a heavy can inside), or as the favor boxes to hold treats.
  • Make your own paper Chinese lanterns with these easy instructions.
  • Choose red and black as the main colors for balloons and streamers.
  • Make your own Great Wall of China using a big length of brown postal wrapping paper and a new rectangle sponge. The sponge will make the brick design…just dip it into black or gray craft paint and use the sponge as a stamp to imprint bricks onto the paper. Line one or two walls in the party area. Personally, I think the kids would love to run through the paper wall at the end of the party!


Karate Party Games

  • Karate Lesson – Call a local karate school and hire an instructor to come to the party and teach the guests some basic karate moves.
  • Chopsticks – Hand out chopsticks to each guest and demonstrate how to use them to pick up food. Have some gummy fruit candy for the children to eat with chopsticks. Also offer Fruit Loops cereal…it’s colorful, tasty, and can be picked up on the end of one chopstick.
  • Karate Chop – Save the foam trays that meat is packaged on and wash thoroughly. Paint them brown to look like wood boards. At the party, let the kids take turns making a loud yell and hitting the foam board with their best karate chop! The foam will easily break, letting everyone be a winner.
  • Kicking Practice – Collect a bunch of soft toys like bean bags and stuffed animals. At the party, let the kids take turns for this game. Have an adult toss the toys at the guest. The guest will kick or hit the toys away before they can hit his body.
  • Samurai Swordfights – Use long thin balloons as swords, and let the kids battle each other.
  • Pin the Black Belt on the Samurai – Use a poster of a man in martial arts uniform, and cut out lots of black belts from construction paper.
  • Karate Coloring Pages – Print copies of these free printable martial arts coloring pages.
  • Change Simon Says into “Sensei Says”….sensei means “teacher”.
  • A matching  Martial Arts Pinata is always a hit with the kids! You may want to let the kids kick and karate chop the piñata instead of hitting it with a bat.


Karate Party Food

The kids will like mini egg rolls and fortune cookies. Add whatever else you own child will eat, like chicken nuggets or mini pigs in a blanket from the frozen food section of the grocery store.

Order some fortune cookies with your own message inside. Say something like “Kyle thanks you for coming to his karate party.” Here is one site that will make your custom fortune cookies:


Karate Party Favors


Choose foam ninja stars, karate toy figures, karate stickers, inflatable swords (like a samurai sword) and maybe martial arts wristbands. Take the work out of planning the favor bags by ordering complete Karate Party favor sets.


Personalized Karate Party Supplies

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Karate Dress Up

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