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Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Party Ideas

Little girls love Hello Kitty! She is a cheerful kitten who loves her Mama’s apple pie and lives in London with her twin sister Mimmy. The show includes a boy character in the stories named Dear Daniel who loves dancing and playing piano. Get ready for an adorable Hello Kitty birthday party!

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Useful Link:

Link to official Hello Kitty website by Sanrio.


Hello Kitty Party Invitations

If you can make the Hello Kitty invitations yourself, use wording like this: Hello Kitty Invites You to a Purrr-fect Party We’re Going to Have a Paws-itively Great Time at [child’s name]’s Birthday Party! RSVP to Mama Cat at [phone number] Take a look at these personalized Hello Kitty Party invitations:


Hello Kitty Party Decorations

  • Draw kitty paw prints on your driveway using sidewalk chalk.
  • Choose dark pink, dark purple and light purple as the colors for streamers, balloons, and table covers.
  • Make a sign that says “Welcome Kitties!” and hang on your door.
  • Make a Hello Kitty playhouse from a large appliance box. Paint the box pink and draw windows, flowers and Hello Kitty on the sides. Cut out a door so the kids can go inside.
  • Hang a Hello Kitty Banner on the wall behind the birthday girl’s chair. It makes a great backdrop for pictures when she blows out the candles on her cake, too.
  • Purchase Hello Kitty mylar balloons and surround each one with a cluster of the cheaper latex balloons. Tie together 5 or 7 balloons, with the mylar slightly higher than the others. Remember to tie a balloon to the back of each chair, and tie a group of five balloons to the birthday child’s chair.


Hello Kitty Party Games

  1. We’re All Kitties – Turn each child into a kitty when they arrive. Use washable markers to draw a yellow nose and black whiskers. Make a Hello Kitty Bow Headband for each girl with this cute project from Give the boys a Dear Daniel bowtie to wear around their neck.
  2. As children arrive, let them color a free printable Hello Kitty coloring page while you wait for all the guests.
  3. Kitty’s Balloon Bounce – Before the party, inflate balloons with air (not helium) and wrap them in a sheet. During the party, have the children hold onto the edges of the sheet and start shaking. The balloons will float up and down as the children shake. This is a big hit with toddlers!
  4. Saucer of Milk – Pour a small amount of warm milk into a saucer or bowl for each guest and let them lap up the milk, just like kitties!
  5. Hello Kitty Says Hello – How many ways can you think of to say “hello”? Get the children to start thinking about things they do to say hello. Waving, shaking hands with people, hugging, and maybe saying hello in another language, like “Ola” in Spanish.
  6. Bubble Fun – Turn on a bubble machine and let the children jump and pop the bubbles with their “paws”.
  7. Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty – Draw Hello Kitty on poster board and leave off her bow. Cut out lots of bows from construction paper and let the children take turns putting the bow in the right place. This game is usually played using a blindfold, but really young kids may be frightened. Just let them walk right up to the poster if they want to and don’t use the blindfold if anyone is frightened. You want them to have fun!
  8. Pass the Kitty – Play just like Hot Potato, but pass around a small stuffed Hello Kitty instead of a potato.
  9. A matching Hello Kitty piñata is always a hit with the kids!


Hello Kitty Party Food

  • Pink dip with fruit.
  • Jam sandwiches cut with a flower cookie cutter (or you could use a heart shape).
  • Pink lemonade.
  • Pink cotton candy.
  • Red jello made in small clear cups.
  • Let the children sing like kitties — “Happy Birthday to you, Meow! Happy birthday to you, Meow!”
  • Decorate the birthday cake with a Hello Kitty cake topper.
  • Make your own Hello Kitty cake with these easy directions. Scroll down to find three templates you can print out and use.
  • For more inspiration, take a look at these little cake lollipops made to look like Hello Kitty. They are adorable!


Hello Kitty Party Favors

Pick fun party favors like Hello Kitty stickers and a big pink lollipop.

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Personalized Hello Kitty Party Supplies

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Hello Kitty Dress Up

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