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Harry Potter

Harry Potter Theme Party Ideas

Do you have a Harry Potter fan in your family? Why not throw a magical party for the birthday celebration? We have Harry Potter games and all the ideas and planning tips to make your party a success!

With a little planning, you can throw a fabulous Harry Potter Party that your child will remember for years! This party theme is perfect for ages 7 to 12 years old

Start by ordering your Harry Potter birthday party supplies online.  I find it’s so much easier than driving from store to store looking for all the supplies on my list.

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Harry Potter Party Invitations


Invitations can be as simple as using a store bought pack, which are readily available in the Harry Potter theme. But why not spend a few minutes creating an invitation on your home computer that will have your guests excited before they even arrive? You could use wording similar to this:


  • Jenny Smith presents…
  • Harry Potter and the Magical Birthday Party
  • Date:
  • Time:
  • Location: King’s Cross Train Station
  • Currently disguised as a Muggle house at [Your Address]
  • RSVP by Owl or Muggle telephony at [your phone #]

Print the invitation on cream parchment paper, or paper with a scroll design available at many office supply stores. Roll them up like a scroll, and tie with a piece of brown twine or raffia. You can either deliver these yourself, or insert in mailing tubes to mail. Or choose these personalized wizard invitations:


Harry Potter Party Decorations

  • Use any Halloween items you already have, like pumpkins, skulls, ghosts, or witches. Arrange your items together in groups of three to make a more noticeable display.
  • Hang white twinkle lights to simulate the candles from the movies.
  • When guests arrive, hang a sign on either side of your front door saying “Platform 9” and “Platform 10”. With your front door propped open, hang an inexpensive piece of red fabric or shower curtain over the door opening, and cut one or two slits from the bottom up. Have the children run through this “brick wall” to enter the party, just like Harry and Ron do in the movie when they arrive at the train to Hogwarts! You can even use black craft paint to draw a brick wall design on the fabric. That’s what I did in the photo to the left, and the whole thing took about 20 minutes to make. I used a small tension curtain rod to hold the fabric over my door opening. All the guests knew just what to do and ran through the “brick wall”…more than once!
  • Hang a party banner on the wall.
  • Anchor a group of helium balloons in black, gold and purple in several areas of the main party space. Add one Harry Potter mylar balloon to each bunch.
  • Use a glittery tablecloth, or a tablecover that matches the Harry Potter plates and napkins.
  • Use any Halloween bowls or goblets you already own to serve food.
  • To set the mood, play a soundtrack from one of the movies. Tip: if you have one of the movies on DVD, just leave it on the menu screen and music from the movie will play.


Harry Potter Party Games

  • Harry’s Scar – As each guest arrives, draw a lightning bolt “scar” on their forehead with a black marker.
  • Choosing a Wand – All the kids will want a Harry Potter wand! Before the party, collect branches in your yard and cut to about 11” long. Wrap one end in purple electrical tape and dip the other end into gold paint. If time is short, just order enough wands for your guests along with the party supplies.
  • Set up a table with a homemade sign saying “Ollivander’s Fine Wands”, and let the children choose a wand. Remind them that the wizard does not choose the wand, it is the wand that chooses the wizard. As each child picks a wand, ask them to try it out on you with a simple spell, such as “Voice of a frog”. If the spell doesn’t work (and you won’t let it work on their first try), they must choose another wand and try the spell again. When you make a frog sound, they have found their correct wand!
  • The Sorting Hat – Use a witch hat and let each guest try it on. There are two ways to sort your guests into Houses. One idea is to have each child choose a slip of paper out of the hat that tells which house they have been sorted into. Or you can tape a baby monitor or walkie talkie under a chair and cover the chair in a black cloth. As each child sits on the chair wearing the Sorting Hat, have a friend in another room call out the house names over the other walkie talkie.
  • Wizard Freeze Dance – Using any fun dance music or Halloween music, let the children dance until you call out “Immobulus!”, which means “freeze”, and stop the music. Anyone still moving is out. Keep playing until only one child is left.
  • Spells Class – Have the children sit in a circle with their wands. Teach them the spell “Wingardium Leviosa”, which makes an object float in the air. Then pass out a white balloon to each guest (filled with air, not helium) and they must use their wand to keep it afloat, while saying the spell. If their balloon touches the ground, they are out.
  • Who’s Hedwig? – Harry Potter’s owl is named Hedwig, and in this game, one child becomes Harry and is blindfolded, while the others stand in a circle. Hand out cards to each child with the name of an animal, like dog, cat, frog. Don’t use a cow, though, because “moo” sounds too close to the owl sound. One card will say Hedwig, and this child will make an owl hoot. When the children make their animal sounds, the child who is Harry must figure out who is Hedwig. When he/she does, that child becomes Harry and the game starts over. This game was a big hit at our party, so let the kids play it several times.
  • Quidditch – The favorite wizard sport is Quidditch! Use hula hoops as the goal rings, and have each House play against each other, using brooms to sweep a balloon through the hoops to score. This is best played outside.
  • Dragon Egg Hunt – Hide colored eggs and have each House try to find their eggs.
  • Care of Magical Creatures Class – Pin the tail on the unicorn, or dragon, or any other magical creature that interests your birthday child.
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts Class – Hang a dragon piñata and let the guests use a giant wand (a bat) to break it open.
  • Potions Class – Using food coloring, tint four bottles of lemon-lime soda different colors. Label them with magical names like “Memory Loss Juice”, “Vanishing Potion”, or “Essence of Unicorn”. Using clear plastic cups, let each guest mix their own potion and drink it!
  • Check out these links for:


Harry Potter Party Food

  • After the guests choose a wand and are sorted into Houses, bring them into the Great Hall for the Welcome Feast. This can be at your kitchen table.
  • Make your own “Butterbeer” labels for bottles of root beer, and orange soda in a punch bowl can become “Pumpkin Juice”.
  • Using Halloween goblets or bowls, set out gummy worms and tiny jelly beans (as Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans from the books).
  • Serve platters of mini egg rolls (parchment scrolls) and mini pigs in a blanket (giant toes).
  • Instead of a birthday cake, why not make cupcakes for each guest? Frost them with white icing, and roll just the outer edge in orange, black or purple colored sugar. Place an upside down chocolate ice cream cone on top as a wizard hat. With yellow writing icing from the grocery store, draw a lightning bolt and a few stars on the front of the cones. If you can’t find chocolate cones, use regular cones and coat them with melted chocolate.
  • For more magical fun, use sparkler birthday candles available at the craft store, or candles that light again when they are blown out.


Harry Potter Party Favors

  1. Fill treat bags with Harry Potter stickers and treats from the Harry Potter stories. Some good choices are lollipops (Acid Pops), gumballs (Droobles Best Blowing Gum), Lemon Drops (Dumbledore’s Favorite), Licorice Wands, Pixie Stix (Sugar Quills) and gold foil covered chocolate coins (Wizard Coins).
  2. Print copies of Harry Potter’s Spellbook for each guest to take home.
  3. Or make the planning easier on yourself and order ready-made Harry Potter favor sets like the one shown here. No stress for mom, and it’s all delivered to your door! The kids will really get excited if you add a Harry Potter wand to the favor bag.
  4. The photo to the right shows my own version of “Honeydukes Sweet Shop” from the Harry Potter books. I threw a Halloween tablecloth over a table and set it up with candy from the stories. I made little signs to describe each item with a “wizard candy” name. I didn’t buy any of the expensive official Harry Potter candy. Instead I used swirl pops and made a sign that said “Acid Pops”. I also bought a large jar of jelly belly beans from Costco and made cellophane bags for each guest with a label that said “Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans”. Regular foil covered chocolate coins were labeled as “Wizard Coins”…you get the idea.
  5. The party guests went wild when we opened the door at the end of the party and let them fill their own goody bags from this wizard candy shop!


Personalized Harry Potter Party Supplies


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