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Hannah Montana Trivia Game

Hannah Montana Trivia Game Questions:

1. What nickname does Oliver sometimes call himself?
2. In the episode “Good Golly, Miss Dolly” Dolly Parton sings with Hannah and Robbie Ray. What song do they sing?
3. During Miley’s birthday on the beach, what gift did she get from her Dad that she was embarrassed by?
4. Where did Miley and her classmates go on a field trip?
5. What is Miley’s dad’s name in real life?
6. During the first episode, Oliver got what from Hannah Montana’s dressing room?
7. What is Hannah’s bodyguard’s name?
8. What color gloves does Hannah wear when she sings “The other Side of me” for the Queen?
9. Where was Miley Cyrus born?
10. What is Miley’s nickname?

Hannah Montana Trivia Game Answers:

1. Smokin Oken
2. Who Said
3. Kitty Sweater
4. Camping
5. Billy Ray Cyrus
6. A towel
7. Roxie
8. Gold
9. Franklin, Tennessee
10. Smiley

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