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Hannah Montana Party Ideas

It’s a Hannah Montana party! My daughter and her friends are wild about the Hannah Montana TV show, so I created a pop star birthday party built around the Hannah Montana theme. It was a huge success, and the guests all seemed to have a great time. If you are planning a Hannah Montana birthday party, here is a party guide to get you started.

Useful Links for a Hannah Montana Party:


Hannah Montana Party Invitations



Here are ways to design the invitation yourself:

Print the invitations at home on heavy cardstock with a photo of Hannah Montana (found on her website-see link at bottom of page) and this wording:

Calling All Pop stars!

Rock the House at [name]’s Birthday Party

For One Day Only!

Date: [date of party was on this line]

At [last name] Auditorium

Address: [our address was on this line]

Reserve your seat today by calling [phone number]

Come dressed as a pop star

Another option is to order personalized girl rock star Party invitations like these:


Hannah Montana Party Decorations

  • I found a “red carpet” at a party supply store and unrolled it on the walk leading up to our front door. You could also use solid red wrapping paper for this.
  • My husband had several cameras around his neck to look like a paparazzi and he took pictures of guests as they arrived.
  • In the party room, I had lots of purple, lime green and silver balloons mixed in with Mylar Hannah Montana balloons.
  • I created bunches of 7 balloons and tied them in place around the room.
  • We hung metallic stars from the ceiling in one area to create a dance floor, and hung purple steamers everywhere else.
  • Other great decorations are the Inflatable Guitars and the Hannah Montana pinata.
  • We made a large sign and hung it on the door leading to the basement party room that said “No One Admitted Backstage Without a Pass – NO EXCEPTIONS!”
  • My older son dressed as a bouncer (black jeans and black t-shirt, sunglasses) and handed out the backstage passes to each girl as they arrived.
  • As the backstage pass, I ordered Hannah Montana Personalized Bag Tags shown below for each girl from Birthday in a and added a longer lanyard to fit around the girls’ necks. The lanyard was a length of bright colored cord from Home Depot, and cost less than $4 for a large spool, which was more than enough cord to make fifteen lanyards. These were a big hit with the girls.


Hannah Montana Party Games


  1. Pop Star Scrapbook – To keep the girls busy while we waited for everyone to arrive, I created a pop star scrapbook on my computer and printed a copy for each guest. It was really simple, and included fill-in-the-blank categories such as favorite singer, favorite song, favorite band, favorite movie, etc. I included one side titled “autographs” so the girls could sign each other’s scrapbooks. It was all on one piece of paper that I folded to look like a card. Honestly, I thought the girls would whip through this activity, but to my surprise they loved it and spent half an hour working on them!
  2. Pop Star Dressing Room - I set up the bathroom as a “Pop star Dressing Room” with temporary tattoos, bead necklaces, rhinestone rings and star sunglasses. I hired a teenage girl to be my helper during the party and she was in charge of applying the temporary tattoos. The girls all loved this!
  3. Hannah Montana Trivia Game – After they were all glammed up, we played a Hannah Montana trivia game. The girls decided not to be on teams, and to just take turns answering the questions, so I tried to be sure they all had a chance to answer. Here are the trivia questions I used…
  4. Hannah Montana Karaoke Singing – The main activity was letting the girls take turns singing along to a Hannah Montana cd on our karaoke machine. We bought the karaoke machine for the party and it doubled as a birthday gift for our daughter.
  5. Hannah Montana Freeze Dance - After they all had a turn singing, we played freeze dance using Hannah Montana music. This is a great way to use up some of that high energy, and the girls wanted to play about 3-4 times.
  6. Hannah Montana Pinata – Use a Guitar Pinata as a decoration, and later it becomes an activity when the kids break it open.


  Hannah Montana Party Food


  • The food table was covered in a Hannah Montana table cloth, with matching plates and napkins.
  • I served chicken tenders, pizza rolls, cut-up fruit on picks, popcorn and potato chips.
  • Next to the food table was a metal tub filled with mini sodas and small water bottles.
  • The birthday cake was in the shape of an IPod player. My daughter loved it! The cake was just a 9″x13″ cake decorated with frosting and colored sugar to resemble an IPod player. I found the inspiration here.


Hannah Montana Party Favors

The backstage pass (described in the Decorations tab) was really a laminated name tag that the girls could use on a backpack, lunch box, or dance bag.

As the backstage pass, I ordered personalized bag tags in the Hannah Montana design shown. So I considered this to be the main party favor, along with the necklaces, rings, and sunglasses that the girls wore during the party. But those were given out at the start of the party, and it’s always nice to have a party favor to give each guest as they leave.

To create a cute favor that didn’t cost a lot, I used Hannah Montana plastic stadium cups and filled them with a sheet of Hannah Montana stickers and candy. Then I dropped each stadium cup into a cellophane favor bag and tied it shut with purple ribbon.

But it would be a lot faster to order a complete Hannah Montana favor Set:


Personalized Hannah Montana Party Supplies

Dress Up

Hannah Montana Dress Up

Hannah Montana Gift Ideas

Hannah Montana Party Supplies