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Garden Party Ideas

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to host a Garden theme party. Kids of all ages enjoy garden parties, because there are so many ways to incorporate fun games and decorations that appeal to kids.


Garden Party Invitations


Here are ways to design the invitation yourself:


For a garden party birthday, make flower shaped invitations from cardstock so the petals fold down into a circle. When the petals are opened, it should resemble a blooming flower. Write the party details in the center, so they are revealed when the petals are opened.

Take a look at these personalized Garden Party invitations:


Garden Party Decorations

  • Choose garden colors like green, pink, lavender and yellow for the decorations.
  • Hang colored streamers from tree branches in the yard. They will float in the breeze and add to the party atmosphere.
  • For table decorations, line miniature clay flowerpots with green plastic wrap and fill with small candies such as Skittles or M&M’s; then place a round lollipop standing up in the center of each pot to resemble a flower.
  • Fill the party area with huge tissue paper flowers on tables, hanging from the ceiling, or tied to chairs.
  • Use tin pails or watering cans to hold flower arrangements
  • Friendly scarecrow to put near the door to greet your guests
  • Purchase mylar balloons that match your party theme and surround each one with a cluster of the cheaper latex balloons. Tie together 5 or 7 balloons, with the mylar one slightly higher than the others. Then anchor the cluster of balloons in a prominent spot in the party room.


Garden Party Games

  • Bagel Birdfeeder Craft – Using day old bagels, let the guests spread them with either peanut butter or honey. Then roll in birdseed and tie a piece of string through the bagel hole for hanging. Set each bagel birdfeeder on a paper plate for the kids to take home and hang in their yard.
  • Flowerpot Toss – Set up a bean bag toss using flowerpots.
  • Watering Can Relay Race – Divide guests into two teams who take turns running with a cup of water to fill up a watering can. Whichever team fills their watering can first is the winner.
  • Pin the Butterfly on the Flower – Draw a large flower with big petals on poster board. Hand out butterfly stickers and let each child try to place it on a flower petal. Skip the blindfold with toddlers and just let them have fun placing their sticker.
  • Bug Hunt – Before the party, hide plastic bugs in the yard in case the kids don’t find many real bugs. For a party during cold weather, hide the plastic bugs in a separate room. Send the guests on a bug hunt and let them keep the bugs they find.
  • Decorate sugar cookies shaped like flowers or butterflies.
  • Garden Coloring Pages – Check out this list of free Garden coloring pages. Just print out enough copies for your guests, and provide crayons and markers.
  • A matching piñata is always a hit with the kids!


Garden Party Food

  • Prepare jam sandwiches and cut with a flower cookie cutter.
  • Caterpillar Kabobs – Slide green grapes onto a pick and press two mini chocolate chips (using pointed end) into the first grape as eyes to form a caterpillar.
  • Serve the party food in wicker baskets and clean terra cotta pots.
  • Ants on a Log – Fill celery with herb cream cheese (or peanut butter) and press raisins on top as the ants.
  • Make flower-shaped crispy rice cereal treats, with colored sugar sprinkled on top .
  • Worms in Dirt-Fill a clear plastic cup with a layer of chocolate pudding, another layer of crushed chocolate cookies, and gummy worms on top. Serve with miniature plastic shovels from a local craft store as spoons.
  • Pour lemonade from a clean, new watering can.
  • Make your own Flower Garden cake with these easy directions.


Garden Party Favors

Party guests will like a butterfly net, bug hut, sidewalk chalk, packet of flower seeds, flower stickers, jump rope and bubbles.

Take the work out of planning the favor bags by ordering complete Garden Party favor sets.


Personalized Garden Party Supplies


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Garden Party Dress Up

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