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Firefighter Party Ideas

Kids birthday party guide featuring birthday invitations, birthday decorations, party favors suggestions, and birthday party supplies for a fireman theme party.

Ordering the firefighter party supplies online will make the shopping chore much easier. It saves time and money to have the party ware and party favors delivered right to your home.

A Real Fire Truck! – Before the party, call your local firehouse or volunteer firefighters. Often they are willing to drive a fire engine to your home during the party. Many fire houses have a room where you can hold the party and will give the kids a tour plus let them sit in the fire trucks. My son has been to two parties like this, and they were both a lot of fun and very exciting for little boys and girls. If the party will be held at the fire house, you won’t need to plan any other games.

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Firefighter Party Invitations


If you can make the invitations yourself, use wording like this: Calling all Firefighters! Sound the Alarm! It’s a blazing hot Birthday Party! Take a look at these personalized Firefighter Party invitations:


Firefighter Party Decorations

  • Choose red and yellow as the colors for streamers, balloons, and table covers.
  • Call your local fire station and ask if they can bring a fire truck to your house the day of the party. Many will do this as a community service to help children learn about fire safety, although you may want to make a donation in appreciation for their work. Remember that the firemen could be called to a real emergency that day, and may not be able to come to the party. For this reason, you may want to make it a surprise by not telling the birthday child or guests ahead of time. This will avoid disappointing the children.
  • Cut large flame shapes from red and orange poster board. Attach them to your front door and windows, or on the walls of the party space.
  • Decorate with any fire trucks and Dalmatians your child already owns.
  • Make a fire truck from an empty appliance box by painting it red and cutting some windows. Draw the wheels and a hose with black paint, and add two stools inside for seats. See these directions for making a fire truck from a box and paper plates. Make just one as a decoration, or make a small one for each guest.
  • Buy plastic firefighter hats and set them around the table at each guest’s seat. Your guests can wear them when they arrive at the party.
  • Tie helium Balloons in groups of five to toy trucks or balloon weights, and place them around the party space. I usually use one mylar balloon and four of the cheaper latex balloons to make each balloon cluster. Tie a balloon to the back of each chair, and tie a group of five balloons to the birthday child’s chair.


Firefighter Party Games

  • Firefighter Rescue – Have a group of small toy figures and two large serving spoons. You’ll also need two empty boxes or bowls. Divide the guests into 2 teams. When you say “go”, the first child on each team should pick up a figure with the big spoon and carry it safely to the empty bowl, then run back and give the spoon to the next team member. The first team to rescue all their toy people wins.
  • Put Out the Fire – Make a chalk drawing of a burning house on your driveway, and prepare lots of water balloons. At the party, ask the children what should be done about the burning house. They will likely answer that they should put out the fire. Then bring in the water balloons and let the children toss them onto the chalk drawing to put out the fire.
  • Pin the Tail on the Dalmatian – Use a poster of a Dalmatian and cut out lots of tails from construction paper. Play it just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
  • Smoke, Smoke, FIRE! – Play Duck, Duck, Goose but instead call it Smoke, Smoke, FIRE!
  • Fireman Tug-of-War – Set up a kiddie pool full of water and lay a long piece of rope across. Divide the children into two teams and let them tug!
  • Fire Truck Coloring Pages – Check out this list of free firefighter coloring pages. Just print out enough copies for your guests, and provide crayons and markers.
  • Fire Truck Craft – These directions show how to make a cute fire truck from construction paper.
  • Pinata - And don’t forget a bright red fire truck piñata!


Firefighter Party Food

  • Use red and yellow sand pails decorated with firefighter stickers to hold chips, cutlery and napkins.
  • Place a large toy fire truck in the middle of the food table as the centerpiece.
  • Or use a fire truck piñata as the centerpiece and take it outside later for the children to burst open.
  • Label your food with fire related names like Blazing Hotdogs, 2-Alarm Chili, Flaming Chicken Tenders, and Water-hose melon. Keep the seasonings mild for the children, though!
  • Turn a Fire Chief Hat upside down and it will make a serving bowl for chips, pretzels or candy.
  • Make these adorable Fire Truck snacks using graham crackers.
  • Try these Fire Truck Birthday Cake directions that turn a 9×13 inch cake into a fire truck.


Firefighter Party Favors

Pick party favors like a small toy fire truck, fire chief badge, red firefighter hat, small water squirt toy, and stickers.

Order complete firefighter party favors sets to take the stress out of planning the favor bags!


Personalized Firefighter Party Supplies


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