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Fairy Party Ideas – Tinker Bell Party Ideas

A fairy birthday theme party is a favorite with little girls. Fairy wings, wands, and pixie dust really capture their imaginations, and make for a great party! Use a bubble machine to help set the mood, and provide fairy wands or let the girls each make their own wand as a party activity.

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Fairy Party Invitations



Make your own fairy invitations by folding light purple paper or cardstock in half. Use a fairy sticker on the front and add these words: “Do You Believe in Fairies?” Open the card and print this inside “All you need is faith and trust, and a little bit of Pixie Dust!” Then print the invitation details next (who for, when, where,etc.).



You can probably do it all on your computer and download a photo of a fairy for the front cover off the internet. Then you just need to load the purple paper into your printer and hit the print button to create all the invitations.
Take a look at these personalized Dance Party invitations:


Fairy Party and Tinker Bell Party Decorations

  • Order or make fairy wings and a wand for each guest to wear as they arrive.
  • Turn on a bubble-making machine to help create a magical fairy mood on your front porch on in the party room.
  • Make lots of large tissue paper flowers and use them as decorations, such as one tied to each chair at the table, or a vase full of them as a centerpiece, or hanging from the ceiling or a light fixture. Click here for easy directions for making tissue paper flowers.
  • Hang clear white christmas lights around the front door or to outline the doorway into the main party room.
  • Make or order a banner that says “Welcome to [your child's name]‘s Fairy Dust Party!”
  • Choose green, pink and lavender as the colors for balloons and streamers. Purchase some mylar balloons that match your party theme and surround each one with a cluster of the cheaper latex balloons. Tie together 5 or 7 balloons, with the mylar one slightly higher than the others. Then anchor the cluster of balloons in a prominent spot in the party room. Good placement ideas are at the entrance to the room, at one end of the food table, near the activities, and next to large furniture.
  • Spread artificial flowers along the center of the main table, or tie one to each napkin and lay it across the plate.
  • Hang a pinata that matches your theme as a decoration, and it becomes an activity later when the little fairies break it open.


Fairy Party Games

  • Play Fairy Freeze Tag.
  • Provide already baked sugar cookies in flower shapes and let the guests decorate them with frosting, colored sugar, and sprinkles.
  • Supply the paper, tape and decorations for each guest to make a fairy hat.
  • Purchase lots of Pixie Stix candy and really small bottles. Let the guests mix and match colors and pour the pixie stix powder into a bottle to make their very own magic Pixie Dust.
  • Play Fairy Freeze Dance – Have the guests flit and fly like fairies while you play any fun music. They all must stop and freeze when the music is turned off, and anyone seen moving is out for the rest of the round. The last fairy left is the winner. This game is wildly popular, so plan on playing at least 2-3 times.
  • Tinkerbell Fairy Trivia – look up facts about fairies on the internet and make up a list of questions that you think the guest are likely to know. Let the guests take turns answering or divide them into two teams to play.
  • A Tinker Bell pinata will be a hit with the guests!


Fairy Party Food

  • Use a flower or a star cookie cutter to shape food items, like little jam sandwiches, pieces of cheese, or cookies.
  • Let the guests sprinkle pixie dust over their food by giving each girl a Pixie Stix candy straw.
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Make chocolate dipped pretzel rods and call them magic wands.
  • Serve small pieces of fruit in clear plastic cups.
  • Strawberries dipped in chocolate.
  • Make the birthday cake like a small tiered wedding cake and put a fairy candle on top. Just use a cake mix and bake one 9″ cake, one 6″ cake (or another 9″ cake and just cut the finished layer down to 6″ round), and bake a little batter in a custard cup or muffin pan. Stack the cakes starting with the largest, then add the 6″ layer, and finally put the small custard cup layer on top. Cover them all in pink frosting. Then put the fairy candle on top. Add any other small candies to the sides of each layer, if you wish to add more decorations.


Fairy Party Favors

The cutest idea I’ve heard for displaying favor bags is to hang them from a small tree with clear twinkle lights. Put this near the party exit so the guests won’t be distracted by the favor bags during the party. Plus they will be right where you need them as parents arrive to collect their children.

Take the work out of planning the favor bags by ordering complete Fairy Party favor sets.


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