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Elmo Party

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

Elmo party suppliesDoes your child adore Elmo and his pet goldfish Dorothy? Does the music from Elmo’s World cause major excitement at your house? Then plan a great Elmo birthday party with this party guide!

Order your Elmo party supplies online to make shopping easy. This is one of the best time-saving tips because you avoid making trips to different stores. Then use this party guide to plan the decorations, games and party activities

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Elmo Party Invitations

To make your own invitations, use a photo of Elmo from the internet and add wording like this:

Elmo Says “B is for Birthday!” and “P” is for party!

Come on Over to Elmo’s World for [your child’s name]’s Birthday Celebration

The party will be brought to you by the letter [first letter of your child’s name] and the number [your child’s age].

Give date, time, location and RSVP phone number.

If you don’t have time to make invitations, order a set that matches the other party supplies. Or choose these fuzzy friend personalized Elmo invitations.


Elmo Party Decorations

  • Choose red and yellow as the colors for streamers, balloons, and table covers.
  • Use any Sesame Street toys you already own to decorate the party room.
  • Decorate with lots of letters and numbers such as foam letters used in the bathtub, or magnetic numbers and letters, or just cut some from construction paper.
  • Make your own Sesame Street sign from yellow and green foam board. Add white letters to spell out “Sesame Street” and the numbers “123” on the top.
  • Play the “Sesame Street – The Best of Elmo” CD as background music.
  • Tie balloons in groups of five to toys or balloon weights, and place them around the party room. I usually use one mylar balloon and four of the cheaper latex balloons to make each balloon cluster. Tie a balloon to the back of each chair, and tie a group of five balloons to the birthday child’s chair.


Elmo Party Games

  • If the party guests are mostly toddlers, you will need only a few organized games. This age group will enjoy free time to play, so let them play with any Sesame Street toys you own, blocks, etc.
  • As children arrive, let them color one of these free Elmo and friends coloring pages while you wait for all the guests.
  • Hide small snack size bags of goldfish crackers for the children to find. Use fairly obvious hiding spots no higher than the children can reach.
  • Change Simon Says into Elmo Says.
  • Letter of the Day Game – pick the first letter of birthday child’s name as the letter of the day and ask the children to think of words starting with that letter. Choose another letter for a second round, or for a small party use the first letter of each guest’s name for additional rounds of this game.
  • Play Pin the Nose on Elmo using a poster of Elmo and lots of noses cut from orange construction paper.
  • Play Doh Fun – Provide red, orange and yellow play dough along with some cookie cutters and let the children create their own designs. Place each in a plastic bag for the kids to take home. See our list of homemade play dough recipes if you’d like to make your own dough.
  • Number of the Day Game – Use the birthday child’s age as the number of the day in this game. If your child is turning three, hide groups of three items before the party, and later send the guests to find them. You could hide three little bags of Cheerios, or three toy cars, etc. Make sure there are enough items hidden to let each guest find something.
  • Oscar’s Trash Can Toss – Before the party, make balls of crumpled newspaper. You will also need a trash container. Find a picture of Oscar and tape it to the front of the trash can. At the party, let the children take turns filling Oscar’s trash can by tossing the balls of paper. Where they stand to toss the balls is not important, and some children may need to walk right up to the trash can. That’s alright, since you want everyone to be successful.
  • A matching piñata is always a hit with the kids!


Elmo Party Food

  1. Serve Elmo’s favorite food: pizza.
  2. You’ll also want toddler friendly foods like goldfish crackers (to remind them of Elmo’s pet fish Dorothy) and Teddy Grahams.
  3. Make a batch of Letter of the Day cookies using the first letter of your child’s name for the letter.
  4. Try making this Elmo cake design which uses cupcakes to shape Elmo’s head.
  5. Or make a batch of cupcakes and decorate them to look like Elmo. Use white frosting and cover it with red sprinkles. Then just use an orange jelly bean nose and two mini-marshmallow eyes.
  6. Or use an Elmo-shaped cake pan to get beautiful results at home.


Elmo Party Favors

Items featuring Elmo will be a hit, like Elmo stickers or coloring book. A snack bag of goldfish crackers and small tub of red play dough would also be good Elmo party favors.


Personalized Elmo Party Supplies

Dress Up

Elmo Dress Up

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