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Dog Party and Puppy Party Ideas

Are you trying to plan a dog birthday party for your child? Whether your child loves puppies, Bolt, Pink Poodles, Scooby Doo, Blues Clues, 101 Dalmatians or Clifford the Big Red Dog, this party guide will get you started! Find ideas for dog games and dog party supplies for your child’s dog theme party.

Popular Dog Party Themes


Dog Party and Puppy Party Invitations

If you like making your own invitations, cut white card stock into a bone shape and write the party invitation wording on one side.

Or take a look at these personalized dog party invitations:


Dog Party Decorations

  • Start with your own collection of stuffed animals and set a group of dogs on a chair or in the center of the food table as the centerpiece.
  • Make a sign for the front door that says “Beware of Dogs”.
  • Turn a large appliance box into a dog house and set it in the party room. Put a soft blanket and a few small balls on the “floor” of the dog house, and let the children crawl into it for some free play.
  • Buy a few mylar balloons in dog shapes and add a lot of colorful (and much cheaper) latex balloons. Make groups of five or seven balloons with one mylar surrounded by latex balloons. Tie them to chairs around the party room.
  • Decorate the party table with matching party supplies.


Dog Party Games

  1. The cutest idea I’ve seen for a dog party is to order individual name tags like the ones below and call them “dog tags”. Add a lanyard from the office supply store so you can slip them over the kids necks as they arrive, and the guests can wear them during the party.

  2. Puppy Freeze Dance – Play fun kids music and have the children dance and bark like dogs. Then turn the music off and everyone must stand perfectly still. Anyone who is caught still moving is out. Turn the music back on and keep playing until only one puppy is left, and this is the winner.
  3. Name That Dog – Find pictures of famous dogs on the internet or in coloring books. Show the pictures one at a time to the children and see if they can name the dog. You could divide the children into teams for this game, and let them work together to identify the pictures. Some dogs you could use are Scooby Doo, Clifford, Blues Clues, your family pet, Underdog, Barkley from Sesame Street, Beethoven (the dog movie), Tramp from Lady and the Tramp, any of the main characters from 101 Dalmations, etc. You can also include well-known dog breeds that the children are likely to recognize, like a Chihuahua, dachshund, German Shepherd, Dalmatian, poodle, or a bulldog.
  4. Doggie Show – Ask the guests to bring their favorite stuffed dog to the party, or give them each a stuffed dog for this activity and let them keep it as a party favor. Set up work stations in the room and let the guests rotate to each one with their stuffed dog. The stations should include:
  5. Veterinarian Office – Have a tape measure here for the kids to measure their dog from nose to the tip of the tail. Then let them give their pet a doggie check up using a toy doctor kit.
  6. Doggie Grooming Salon – Use a doll bathtub or a plastic bowl and a baby washcloth for the guests to wash their dog. Don’t use any water, this should be a pretend activity! Set out doll combs and brushes so the children can brush their dog’s fur.
  7. Pet Store - Set out a basket of strips of ribbon that can be tied around the dogs’ necks as a collar. Let each guest choose a collar and tie it on their dog. Smaller pieces of ribbon could also be tied onto the dog’s tail as a decoration.
  8. Doggie Show Time – When all the pet dogs are ready, have the children take turns introducing their dog to the group to “show” their dog. Let them tell the dog’s name and maybe even do a doggie trick.
  9. Bone Hunt – Hide real dog treats that are shaped like bones in your yard or another room. Send the children out to hunt for a bone. To keep it fair, you can write one child’s name on each bone and tell them they can only pick up the bone with their own name on it. After everyone has found their bone, play the game a second time if the children are having fun.
  10. Fetch – Dogs love to chase tennis balls and Frisbees, so turn this into a game for the children. Toss the balls or Frisbees and let each child have a turn fetching it for you. The kids will probably want to throw to each other, too.
  11. Puppy Treat Toss – Set out a large plastic bowl and put a stuffed dog behind it with its head leaning into the bowl as if it wants to eat. Then use real dog treats and let the guests take turns trying to toss the treats into the bowl.

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Dog Party Food

  • Serve Chex Mix and call it “Puppy Chow”.
  • Scooby Snacks are graham cracker cookies in the shape of dog bones.
  • Serve ice cream to guests in clean, new doggy bowls.
  • Make cookies with a bone-shaped cookie cutter.
  • And hot dogs, of course!
  • Make a birthday cake in the shape of a dog paw. All you need to do is bake a cake mix and pour half the batter into one round cake pan and the rest of the batter into cupcake liners. Frost them all and set four cupcakes around the top curve of the round cake to look like the toes.


Dog Party Favors

When it’s time to say goodbye, be ready with a Dog Party Favor Set to give each guest as they leave. Here are some cute choices:


Personalized Dog Party Supplies

Dress Up

Dog Party and Puppy Party Dress Up

Dog and Puppy Party Gift Ideas

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