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Disney Cars Party Ideas

Does your child love Lightning McQueen and all his friends in Radiator Springs? Then a Cars birthday party is a great theme party for you! Order your Cars-the Movie party supplies online to make shopping easy. It sure is great to have it all delivered to your home without needing multiple trips to the stores. Then use this party guide to plan the decorations, games and party activities for a great Disney Cars birthday party.


Disney Cars Party Invitations To make your own invitations, use a photo of your child’s favorite movie car from the Disney website (on the website, go to the cars showroom-click on models–then click on portraits) and add wording like this:

Lightning McQueen Invites You to a Race Car Birthday Party!

At Radiator Springs: [your address]

Race Day: Race Time:

RSVP to the Pit Boss: [your phone no.]

Take a look at these personalized Cars Party invitations:


Disney Cars Party Decorations

  • Turn your car into a character from the movie by drawing large eyes on a piece of cardboard that fits into the windshield. Park the car facing the street so the kids will all see it as they arrive at the party.
  • Use matching Cars tablecloths and checkered flags.
  • Make signs saying “Welcome Race Fans” for the front yard and “Route 66″ sign for the driveway or back yard.
  • Hang posters of all the main characters in the movie.
  • Decorate the backyard to resemble Radiator Springs.
  • Attach two checkered racing flags to your mailbox or crossed on your front door.
  • Set out all of your child’s toy cars for the guests to play with as they arrived.
  • Use small toy cars and a toy racetrack as a table centerpiece.
  • Use chalk to draw a racetrack on the driveway and/or sidewalk leading up to your door.
  • Hang lots of checkered racing flags or a racing pennant streamer.
  • Place bunches of Balloons around the party area. For each group of 5-7 balloons, use one Cars mylar car balloon with the cheaper latex black and white checkered flag balloons.
  • Hang a Cars Pinata as a decoration, and it becomes an activity later during the party.
  • Before the party, make a driver’s license for each child on cardstock. Buy lanyards at an office supply store so the children can wear them around their necks during the party. Hand them out as the children arrive, or set up a check-in station to kick-off the party activities.
  • Orange cones, if you can borrow some.
  • Background music like CARS-the movie soundtrack, or make your own with songs like On the Road Again, Little GTO, Born to Be Wild, etc.


Disney Cars Party Games

  • Set up one room (or your yard) as Radiator Springs with different activities to go along with some of the characters in the movie.
    1. You can set up tables to be the Sheriff’s station, where they get their drivers license;
    2. Ramone’s House of Body Art for temporary tattoos;
    3. Sarge’s Surplus Hut to make their own license plates (Set out pieces of white poster board or foam sheets plus stickers and markers, and let the kids design their own personalized license plate);
    4. Flo’s V-8 Café for coloring pages, a word find and cool drinks. Print out enough copies of the word find and coloring pages from this free IndyCar website.
    5. Mater’s Tow Truck Station to make a Traffic Light Bag to hold their piñata goodies. Provide brown paper bags and let the children glue red, yellow, and green circles that that you previously cut from construction paper. Print each child’s name on their finished bag, and have them use it later to collect candy from the piñata.
  • Piston Cup Race – Use one of these ideas for the race:
    1. Foot Races where you divide the children into teams and let them race across the yard.
    2. Toy car races where you create racing lanes on the driveway using duct tape, and let the kids race Hot Wheel cars.
  • Red Light/Green Light – Play using these instructions.
  • All kids seem to love a Cars Pinata.


Disney Cars Party Food

  • Sign for drinks calling them gas and oil.
  • Bread sticks or pretzel rods can be called “dip sticks”;
  • Hot dogs can become Hot Rods.
  • Make a sign that says “Pit Stop” for the food table.
  • Serve food like hot dogs, chips, and baked beans in new, clean oil pans, drip pans, large funnels.
  • Small chocolate donuts can be called tires.
  • Make quick and easy “wheels” from any round cookie, by adding an M&M or junior mint in the center as the hubcap.
  • Try these easy directions for a race track cake made from two round cake layers. Your son will love it!
  • Or decorate a homemade cake with this Disney Cars cake topper:


Disney Cars Party Favors

The children would love to receive Cars stickers, a new Hot Wheels car, checkered racing flag, and candy (of course!).

I prefer to order complete Disney Cars party favors sets to take the stress out of planning the favor bags!


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