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Dinosaur Party Ideas

Host a prehistoric dinosaur party! Use our kids dinosaur birthday party guide featuring birthday invitations, birthday decorations, party favors suggestions, and birthday party supplies for a terrific dinosaur theme party.

There are two ways to go with a dinosaur theme party: very young children will have fun and be more comfortable with a friendly dinosaur party pattern; but older boys and girls (say, about ages 5 and up) will know more about real dinosaurs and may want realistic looking party supplies, and activities like digging up buried dinosaur bones (that you have cleverly hidden in advance!).

Order your party supplies online to make shopping easy. It sure is great to have it all delivered to your home without needing multiple trips to a bunch of stores. Then use this party guide to plan the decorations, games and party activities.


Dinosaur Party Invitations


Use fun wording like:


You’re Invited to a Dino-mite Birthday Party for T-Rex [child’s name]

Come to the Dinosaur Nesting Grounds [give your address, date of party, and time]

Don’t be Extinct – RSVP to the prehistoric parents [your phone number]

Deliver the invitations inside a large plastic easter egg, but of course it has now become a dinosaur egg!

You can probably do it all on your computer and download a photo of a dinosaur for the front cover off the internet. Then you just need to load the paper into your printer and hit the print button to create all the invitations.

Take a look at these personalized Dinosaur Party invitations:


Dinosaur Party Decorations

  • Draw dinosaur footprints in chalk leading to your door.
  • Set groups of toy dinosaurs on the food table as decorations.
  • Hang long strips of colored paper streamers from the main doorway to make a curtain for the guests to walk through.
  • Hang a dinosaur piñata as a decoration, and use it as an activity later during the party.
  • Play the theme music from the Jurassic Park movie.
  • Order a personalized banner that says something like “Kyle’s 4th Birthday Dinosaur Dig!”


Dinosaur Party Games

  • Dinosaur Dig – Create a dinosaur dig in your yard or inside an empty kiddie pool if the party is indoors. Scatter lots of tiny dinosaurs and then cover them with clean play sand. Hand out plastic shovels and sand pails, and let the kids dig for dinosaurs.
  • Volcano – Make a papier-mâché volcano before the party and paint it dark brown with red and yellow streaks down the sides. On the party day, add two tablespoons baking soda to the volcano and then pour a cup of plain vinegar over it. The baking soda will foam up and look like the volcano is erupting! The kids go wild for this, so be ready to make it erupt several times. Here is a link with easy step-by-step directions, including photos.
  • Dinosaur Egg Hunt – Hide lots of colored plastic easter eggs before the party. Put one small dinosaur toy or a piece of candy inside each egg. On party day, send the guest out to search for the eggs. You can even mound up some dry leaves to resemble a nest and put several eggs inside.
  • Dinosaur Quiz – Look up basic facts about dinosaurs and make a quiz for the guests. You can divide the kids into teams to answer the questions. Here is a list of ideas to get you started.
  • And a Dinosaur pinata!


Dinosaur Party Food

  • Make up dinosaur names for the food like Dino Dogs for hot dogs, Dino Eggs for grapes, and Dinosaur Bones for pretzels. Ketchup can be called Hot Lava. And Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets are available in many grocery stores.
  • For an easy homemade cake, make a Dinosaur Egg Birthday Cake from a two layer round cake. Stack the two layers with frosting in the middle. Then use a knife to cut it in half using a zigzag pattern, to resemble an egg cracking open. Pull the two sides slightly apart and frost the cake with white icing. Place a toy dinosaur on the cake plate in the middle of the crack, as if it were hatching!
  • I also found this great video showing another Dinosaur Cake that can be made at home. Check it out!


Dinosaur Party Favors

Choose party favors like a small toy dinosaur and binoculars. Take the work out of planning the favor bags by ordering complete Dinosaur Party favor sets.


Personalized Dinosaur Party Supplies


Dress Up

Dinosaur Dress Up

Dinosaur Gift Ideas

Dinosaur Party Supplies