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Construction Party and Handy Manny Party Ideas plus Construction Party Supplies for a Great Construction Theme Party

Caution! Construction Party Zone ahead!

Put on a hard hat and get ready to build a great construction birthday party for your dump-truck loving boy! This party guide works for Handy Manny Party, Bob the Builder Party and Construction Truck Party themes.

Order your Construction party supplies online to make shopping easy. Then use this party guide to plan the decorations, games and party activities for a great construction theme party.


Construction Party Invitations



If you make your invitations at home, try this wording:


Come Join Our Crew for a Construction Birthday Party!

Clock in at [time party begins] on [party date]

and Clock out at [time party ends]

Job Site Location: [Party Address]

Call the Big Boss at [phone number] if You’re Coming!

Add a note to wear work clothes if the party games may get dirty. The moms will thank you!

And take a look at these personalized Construction Party invitations:


Construction Party Decorations

  • Pull out your child’s toy trucks and cars to decorate the party area.
  • Make a few construction site signs to hang on the walls that say things like “Birthday Party This Way”, “Construction Zone Ahead” and “Little Men at Work.” Or you can tape the signs to sticks and then push them into the ground along the driveway.
  • Purchase yellow and black “Birthday Zone” or “Caution” tape, and hang long strips of it across the top of your front door to create a curtain.
  • Borrow or buy colored traffic cones, tie a balloon to each one, and use them to outline the party area in your yard.
  • Arrange a group of clean toy trucks in the middle of the table as your centerpiece.
  • Tie helium Balloons in groups of five to toy trucks or balloon weights, and place them around the party space. I usually use one mylar balloon and six of the cheaper latex balloons to make each balloon cluster.
  • Create a truck from an empty appliance box. Use an X-Acto knife to cut out a few windows, and paint the box yellow to resemble a construction truck. Cut out four circles from a sheet of cardboard, spray paint them black, and glue them onto the sides of the box to create wheels. This truck will be a great place to take pictures during the party!
  • Hang a truck pinata as a decoration, and later it becomes an activity when the children break it open.


Construction Party Games

  • Hard Hat Zone – Buy plastic yellow hard hats and let each guest decorate one with markers and construction stickers.
  • Construction Site Sand Box – Fill the sand box with all the shovels and dump trucks you own. Let the kids play freely. You could also bring in a few bags of dirt to make another place to play…which is good if you have lots of kids at the party.
  • Take Home Project – Buy a wood birdfeeder kit (or any other wood kit) at Home Depot or Michael’s craft store for each guest. Have extra adults on hand to help with assembly, and let each child put the kit together.
  • LEGO Construction Site – Give the kids some pictures of buildings and let them construct one using lego blocks. Find pictures in magazines or online of a house, skyscraper, school and castle. Tell guests that they have been hired by a construction company to build several buildings. They will be “paid” for their work after completion. (You can hand out candy or prizes as the children finish building. Children can work alone or in groups, and they may build the whichever structure they like…even if they all choose the same one. As children complete their buildings, hand them each a small prize such as candy or a small toy.
  • Dump Truck Relay Race – Decorate two boxes to look like trucks, using aluminum pie pans for wheels and construction paper cut-outs for doors and headlights. Make 60 – 100 small “rocks” using wadded up newspaper wrapped with masking tape. Divide the balls evenly between the two dump trucks. On party day, put an empty box at the other end of the room, or running distance away if outdoors. Divide the guests into two teams, and tell them their team must move all of the rocks from their team’s dump truck to the empty box without moving their dump truck. They can grab an armful of rocks and run, or toss them like basketballs…
  • Wrecking Ball Crew – Stack toy cardboard blocks (or shoe boxes with the lids taped on) into a pyramid shape. One by one, give each child a tennis ball or smaller ball to use as a “wrecking ball.” Give each child two or three turns with the wrecking ball to see how much of the pyramid they can knock down.
  • Egg Carton Truck – Link to directions for making a dump truck craft from egg cartons.
  • Construction Paper Truck Craft – Another way to make a dump truck craft using construction paper.
  • Construction Coloring Page - Print out copies of these free coloring pages.
  • Red Rover – Change the game to “Steam Roller”.


Construction Party Food

  • For a fun way to serve the food, use new, clean paint trays and plastic shovels as serving spoons. Or use clean toy dump trucks.
  • Set up all the snacks and drinks in a red wagon with a sign attached that says “Lunch Wagon”. You could even make a complete snack for each child in brown paper lunch bags.
  • Serve brownies or cookies in the back of a clean dump truck. Add some gummy worms for added effect!
  • Use new, small sand shovels as spoons for eating ice cream. You can purchase them from the doll section of most craft stores for a reasonable price.
  • Taste of Home cooking magazine shows this easy homemade dump truck cake that uses chocolate mini-donuts for wheels.
  • Here is a link from Woman’s Day magazine showing how to make a dump truck cake.


Construction Party Favors

Choose party favors like toy trucks, yellow construction hats, work aprons, miniature tools, sidewalk chalk, stickers, and small tape measures. Set all the goody bags in a small wheelbarrow or a red wagon.

Order complete construction party favors sets to take the stress out of planning the favor bags.


Personalized Construction Party Supplies


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