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Butterfly Wings Craft

Directions for Making Butterfly Wings

You will need:

  • thick colored poster board
  • ½ inch wide elastic
  • scissors
  • plus glitter glue pens, stickers and plastic gems to decorate


Draw a simple pattern for one butterfly wing onto paper using a photo or coloring page as your general guide. Although real butterfly wings have two sections on each side, these directions work easily with just one wing section. Cut out your drawing and trace the wing shape onto the poster board. Flip the pattern over to draw the second wing shape.

Cut the wing shapes out of the poster board. Make a mark on the wings just above each shoulder and just under each armpit. Punch a small hole through each mark. Pull the elastic through the holes and tighten as necessary to fit your child.

Decorate the butterfly wings with round stickers (for spots), make swirly designs using glitter glue pens, or glue on plastic gems. Be creative and colorful with your design!

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