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Butterfly Party Ideas

A butterfly party theme is popular with young children and especially girls. The guests can flutter about wearing butterfly wings and play butterfly games. This party guide includes all the ideas you need to host a beautiful birthday butterfly party! Ordering your Butterfly Party supplies online will make the shopping chore much easier. It saves time and money to have the party ware and party favors delivered right to your home.


Butterfly Party Invitations


If you make the invitations yourself, use wording like this:


  • Flutter on Over for a Butterfly Birthday Party!
  • [child’s name] is Turning [age]
  • Date:
  • Time:
  • Location: The [family last name] Butterfly Garden, [address]
  • RSVP to the Mom-arch at [your phone number]

Take a look at these personalized Butterfly Party invitations:


Butterfly Party Decorations

  • Choose pink and yellow as the colors for streamers, balloons, and table covers. Let the helium balloons float near the ceiling and attach construction paper wings to a few of the balloons. When children pull on the attached ribbon, the wings will flap.
  • Provide each guest with butterfly wings to wear at the party. See these step-by-step directions that call for wire and pantyhose, or try our directions that use poster board to make the wings.
  • Hang tulle netting on the walls and ceiling of the party area.
  • Hang mini butterflies and flowers from the craft store on the netting.
  • Tie a mylar butterfly balloon to a pretty flowerpot for an easy centerpiece.


Butterfly Party Games

  • Apply butterfly temporary tattoos on arms and faces when guests arrive.
  • Make butterfly antennae with headbands, pipe cleaners and pom-poms. Let the guests take them home when the party ends.
  • Butterfly Nectar Dance – Cut large flower shapes out of colored paper, and make one for each guest. Prepare very small paper cups of juice nearby-this is the nectar. Place the flower cut-outs on the ground and play music. Tell the guests to fly around like butterflies while the music plays, and land on a flower when it stops. Call out the color of a flower, and whoever landed on that color flower gets a drink of nectar (any fruit juice). Play until everyone has gotten a cup of nectar.
  • Pin the Butterfly on the Flower – Draw a large flower with big petals on poster board. Hand out butterfly stickers and let each child try to place it on a flower petal. Skip the blindfold with toddlers and just let them have fun placing their sticker.
  • Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft – You Will Need: Coffee Filters, Pipe Cleaners, Markers, Glitter Glue, Stickers, and Other Decorations Directions: Give each child a coffee filter to decorate. Once they are decorated, pinch the filter together in the middle and wrap with a small piece of pipe cleaner. Create two butterfly antennae with additional pipe cleaners.
  • Butterfly Release – Order caterpillars about 4 weeks before the party and let them mature into butterflies. At the party, let the children examine the butterflies and then release them in your yard.
  • Folded Paper Butterflies Craft
  • Stick Candy Butterfly Craft – This is a fun craft the boys and girls both will like!
  • Set up a table with crayons and these free printable butterfly coloring pages as a quiet activity.
  • A matching piñata is always a hit with the kids!
  • Story Time – Read the children a book about butterflies, such as The Hungry Caterpillar or Are You a Butterfly?


Butterfly Party Food

  • Caterpillar Kabobs – Slide green grapes onto a pick and press two mini chocolate chips (using pointed end) into the first grape as eyes to form a caterpillar.
  • Butterfly-shaped crackers from Pepperidge Farms and Bug Bites mini-graham crackers.
  • Butterfly nectar – Any fruit juice.
  • Sugar cookies made with a butterfly cookie cutter.
  • Pastel colored Twizzlers and pastel Skittles served in clear glass containers.
  • Butterfly cupcakes using mini pretzels for the wings from Martha Stewart.
  • Butterfly Cupcakes using candy fruit slices for the wings from Family Fun.
  • Make a lovely butterfly birthday cake using these directions from
  • Another Butterfly Birthday Cake with video instructions from Betty Crocker.
  • Or use a butterfly cake pan for great results at home.


Butterfly Party Favors

Party guests will like a butterfly net, dress-up butterfly wings, butterfly stickers, butterfly hair clips and stretchy bracelets. Take the work out of planning the favor bags by ordering complete Butterfly favor sets.


Personalized Butterfly Party Supplies


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Butterfly Dress Up

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