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How to Build a Bug House

Materials Needed:

  • An empty oatmeal canister or other cardboard container
  • Colored construction paper, markers and bug stickers
  • Heavy duty aluminum foil and toothpicks
  • Craft knife (adults only should use this); and glue


  1. Wrap the container in colored paper and glue in place.
  2. An adult should cut several windows and a shutter. To cut a shutter, simply cut an H shape all the way through the cardboard container. Remove the cardboard and thenĀ fold back the cut edges of the colored paper as the shutters.
  3. Place a rolled piece of aluminum foil inside the container so that it lays flat against the interior sides of the container. Overlap the edges to prevent any bugs from escaping later on.
  4. At the party, let each guest poke holes through the aluminum foil for air holes. Then let them decorate their bug house with markers and bug stickers.
  5. If you wish, add some grass in the bottom to make your bug guests feel at home.

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