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Batman Party Ideas

It’s a Batman party guide for your own little superhero! Children love the adventures of Batman as he battles his arch enemies. This is a great theme for a Batman Birthday Party!

Order your Batman party supplies online to make shopping easy. This is one of the best time-saving tips because you avoid making trips to different stores.

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Batman Party Invitations

To make your own invitations, use a photo of Batman from the internet and add wording like this:

Batman is Calling You!

To a Birthday Party for [name].

Meet at the Bat Cave [date and time of party]

Or choose personalized bat invitations:


Batman Party Decorations


  • Choose black and yellow as the colors for streamers, balloons. Use Batman party supplies like plates, table covers, and a centerpiece.
  • Hang a sign on your front door that says “Welcome to the Bat Cave”.
  • Gather all the Batman toys you own and use them as table decorations.
  • Make a Bat Cave from large cardboard boxes painted gray. Or hang black fabric over the dining table all the way to the floor to create a cave.
  • Cut out bats from black foam sheets or construction paper and tape them to yellow balloons and streamers.
  • Make signs that say POW! CRASH! BOOM! KAPOW!
  • Always tie five helium balloons to the birthday child’s chair. Get a shaped Batman mylar balloon as one of the five balloons.


Batman Party Games


  • Use a black washable marker to draw the outline of a bat mask on the kids faces when they arrive. Or you could make a mask for each guest using black foam sheets and these video directions. Or draw bats and question marks onto their faces.
  • Batman Coloring Pages – Check out this list of free Batman coloring pages. Just print copies for your guests, and provide crayons and markers.
  • Bomb Squad – Fill black balloon “bombs” with air (not helium), and tell the children to destroy them all. Stand back and watch as they sit or stomp on the balloons to destroy them!
  • Batman Training Course - Tell the guests that superheros need training to stay strong. Set up an obstacle course in your home or yard using safe objects like a wooden board “balance beam”, a nylon tunnel, a play fort or small tent as the bad guy’s hideout, a slide “escape chute”, hula hoops set on the ground and bean bag chairs to jump over. Let the kids go through the training course one at a time.
  • The Riddler Hunt – Hide the pinata before the party along with a series of clues. Each clue should lead the kids to another clue, and the last one should lead them to the hidden pinata. At the party, tell the children that the Riddler has stolen their pinata and they must solve the Riddler’s clues to find them. Hand them the first clue and let them start looking. Sample clue: “If you want what’s hidden, you’ll have to be bold; Look in the place where we keep our food cold.” (The next clue should be hidden on or in the refrigerator.)
  • A matching Batman piñata is always a hit with the kids!

Arrange for one of your adult friends to come at the end of the party dressed in a Batman costume for a surprise visit. The kids will all love it! He can tell the kids about life in Gotham City and then hand out the goody bags.


Batman Party Food


  • Use a bat cookie cutter to make bat sandwiches.
  • Superhero Snack Mix – Mix together your favorite cereal, mini pretzels and M&M’s.
  • Make your own Batman cake with these directions.
  • Check out this fancy Batman birthday cake made using fondant icing.
  • Decorate your birthday cake with a  Batman cake topper


Batman Party Favors


Choose party favors like Batman stickers or superhero items.
Take the work out of planning the favor bags by ordering complete Batman Party favor sets.


Personalized Batman Party Supplies

Dress Up

Batman Dress Up

Batman Gift Ideas

Batman Party Supplies