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Barnyard Party and Farm Party Ideas

Host a Barnyard Bash for your child with this Barnyard party planning guide! Preschool aged children love baby animals, tractors and imitating animal sounds like “moo” and “quack”. Add a red bandana and a straw hat and your child is ready! Then use this party guide to plan the decorations, games and party activities for your farm birthday party.

A farm party theme could mean you’ll want to buy a few other supplies such as hand sanitizer (if the children will be touching animals), bales of hay, and straw hats or bandanas for all the guests to wear. Begin by ordering an adorable farm party theme like one of these:


Barnyard Party and Farm Party Invitations


Here are ways to design the invitation yourself: Red Barn Invitation – The cutest home-made farm birthday invitations can be made from red construction paper. Fold both sides to the center to resemble barn doors, and trim the top into a roof shape. This will give you a card that looks like a barn. Place an animal sticker on both barn doors. Open the doors and print the party invitation on the inside. If you want to get fancy, use a white-out pen to draw the outlines of the barn doors. The white ink shows up well on the red paper and will make your invitation look even more like a barn. Farm Party Invitation Wording – Use fun wording like “We’re Having a Barnyard Bash!” and refer to your child as “Farmer [name] is Turning 4”. Ask the guests to RSVP with a “yay” or a “neigh” and give your phone number. Ask the guests to dress in farm gear like denim jeans or overalls. Another option is to download a photo of a barn from the internet and add your invitation wording in a cute font. Then all you have to do is print as many invitations as you need and mail them. Use a farm animal sticker to decorate the envelopes. Or choose personalized farm party invitations like these:


Barnyard Party and Farm Party Decorations

  • Use red-checked fabric to cover the tables, and tie clean bandanas with a piece of twine to use as napkins. Fill metal pails with the cutlery. A toy barn makes the perfect centerpiece (like the Fisher-Price Little People Barn).
  • If the party will be outdoors, try to buy bales of hay to use as seating around the yard. Depending on the time of year, you may also find corn stalks to use as decorations. Tie them to your gate, the mailbox post, and other spots around the party area.
  • If you own a child’s wagon, fill it with some hay and use it to pull the kids around the yard on a “hay ride”. Create your own pig pen or cow field using colored balloons. Fill a large empty box with a bunch of pink balloons to make a pig pen, or use white balloons with black cow spots to make a cow field. Leave this box as an area for free play during the party. Draw a sign on the outside of the box along with a fence. If you own any stick ponies or a rocking horse, set them next to the pig pen, too.
  • Choose red, yellow and green as the colors for balloons and streamers. Purchase some mylar balloons that match your party theme and surround each one with a cluster of the cheaper latex balloons. Tie together 5 or 7 balloons, with the mylar one slightly higher than the others. Then anchor the cluster of balloons in prominent spots around the party room. Good placement ideas are at the entrance to the room, at one end of the food table, near the activities, and next to large furniture. Fill a large, shallow bowl with several dozen yellow rubber ducks, and call it the duck pond.
  • Hang a Pinata that matches your theme from a tree and it will become an activity later when the children break it open.


Barnyard Party Activities and Games

  • Play “Simon Says” but change it to “Old MacDonald Says”
  • Cows in the Haystack – Hide little plastic toy animals in a mound of hay and let the children find them.
  • Play musical chairs but change it to be called Moo-sical chairs, and let the children moo like cows as they march around the chairs.
  • Duck, Duck, Goose is perfect for an animal theme party.
  • Let the guests decorate sugar cookies cut into animal shapes
  • Hire a pony ride to come to the party.
  • Rent a small petting zoo; or make your own “pretend” petting zoo with a group of stuffed animals. Any combination of stuffed animals will work, but try to have a few that represent actual farm animals like a cow, horse, sheep, duck or pig.
  • Or ask friends with pets to come to the party to let the children see their animals.
  • Link to free printable coloring pages and printouts.
  • Link to kids activities about farm animals on the web.
  • Easy Pig Paper Plate Craft.


Farm Party Food

  • Chill drinks in a large metal tub, and use wicker baskets to serve the food. Any foods that can be grilled like hot dogs and burgers are a good choice, but don’t forget fried chicken for a farm party. It’s easy to pick up a few buckets of chicken just before the party and save yourself a lot of effort cooking.
  • A picnic menu would also work really well because all the food could be made in advance, and mom and dad have more time to enjoy the party with their guests. Add a vegetable platter and call it [birthday child’s name]’s Vegetable Patch. You could make a little sign from an index card folded in half and place in on one end of the platter.
  • Serve chex cereal mix and call it “chicken feed”.
  • Have you ever made chocolate pudding with crushed Oreo cookies on top? It looks like dirt and mud, and would make a great treat for a farm party. Use small clear plastic cups to make individual servings, and place one candy pumpkin on top of the “dirt”. If candy pumpkins aren’t available, use a gummy frog or gummy worm instead.
  • A barnyard birthday cake can be made from a 9”x13” cake. Cover the cake in white frosting and then add green colored sugar to resemble grass. Place small plastic animals on the cake to look like animals in the barnyard. Put crushed graham crackers in one corner with the toy horses. Add a fence made from upside down pretzel twists that are pushed into the frosting around the edge of the cake. Use a few mini-wheat cereal squares as bales of hay near the toy cow.
  • Recipe and directions for a Red Barn Cake.
  • Another version of a red barn cake including animal cupcakes. Very cute!
  • Instead of a cake, make a batch of cupcakes and cover with green frosting. Then place one plastic farm animal on top of each.


Farm Party Favors

Order complete farm party favor sets to avoid running to a lot of stores and to take the stress out of planning the favor bags! If you prefer to build your own farm party favor bags, fill them with items like plastic farm animals, animal stickers, bean bag animals, a straw hat and a red bandana. Stack the favor bags in a toy wagon or wheel barrow and place it near the exit of the party. They will be right where you need them when the party ends and guests begin to leave.


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