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Backyardigans Party Ideas

Backyardigans party suppliesA Backyardigans Party is perfect when your child loves the backyard adventures of Uniqua, Pablo and the gang! Exploring the world from their own back yard, the Backyardigans have a new adventure in each show. The main characters are Pablo, Uniqua, Tyrone, Tasha and Austin. One of them is probably your child’s favorite!

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Backyardigans Party Invitations

To make your invitations,use a photo of the Backyardigans from the internet and add wording like this:

You’re Invited to a Backyard Adventure to Celebrate [name]‘s Birthday!

Check out these fabulous Personalized Backyardigans Invitations from Tiny Prints.


Backyardigans Party Decorations


  • Gather all the Backyardigan toys you own to use as table decorations.
  • Enlarge photos of the characters at your local copy shop, attach them to wooden dowels and stick them in the yard.
  • Play the Backyardigans CD as background music.
  • Anchor clusters of pink, blue and yellow balloons around the party area, and tie a group of five balloons to the birthday child’s chair.
  • If cold weather means the party must be held indoors, bring in some of your outdoor toys to add to the backyard atmosphere.


Backyardigans Party Games


You could develop the party activities to follow the adventures in your child’s favorite episode of the show. This guide lists all of the Backyardigans episodes with a description of each show. For example:


  1. Pirate Camp Episode – Hunt for buried treasure in a sandbox and then walk the plank by setting a wooden board a few inches off the ground.
  2. The Great Dolphin Race Episode – Let the guests race each other in groups. Then have a sea shell hunt and scatter lots of shells in your yard for the children to find.
  3. Caveman’s Best Friend Episode – Have a dinosaur egg hunt using plastic easter eggs.
  4. Ranch Hands From Outer Space Episode – Explain to the kids that objects in space will float around in zero gravity. Then turn on a bubble machine and let them catch/pop the bubbles.
  5. Escape from Fairy Tale Village – Purchase lots of Pixie Stix candy and really small bottles. Let the guests pour the pixie stix powder into a bottle to make their own magic Pixie Dust to help them escape from the fairy tale village.
  6. The Two Musketeers – Make balloon animals for the kids just like Tyrone and Pablo did in this show using these video instructions.

Backyardigans Coloring Pages – Check out this list of Backyardigans coloring pages. Just print out copies for your guests, and provide crayons and markers. Play Limbo using the Backyardigans music CD. Seed Pot – Let the children paint small terra cotta pots, then fill them with potting soil and plant flower seeds. This works best if you spray paint the pots with white paint the day before the party. Lady Bug Stones – Provide red and black paint only and show the children how to paint a basic ladybug design on their stone with a black head, red body and black spots. A black permanent marker is easier for the kids to use when drawing the black spots. Pine Cone Bird Feeder – Collect or buy pine cones, peanut butter, bird seed and yarn. Before the party, tie a loop of yarn around the top of each pine cone. This will be used to hang the finished project in a tree. At the party, help the children to spread peanut butter onto the pine cone, then roll into the bird seed. Let them take their bird feeders home. Music Shakers – Before the party, collect empty toilet paper rolls and cover one end with paper and tape or glue it in place. You will also need dry beans or rice, colored paper and markers. At the party, let each child pour dry beans or rice into an empty tube. Only fill the tubes about one-third full. Help the children to tape paper over the open end of the tube. Then wrap the tube in colored paper and decorate with the markers or tie on pieces of ribbon (optional). When everyone is finished, turn on some music and let kids play their new music shakers. Pin the Bow on Pablo – Blow up a picture of Pablo and cut out lots of blue bows from construction paper. A matching Pablo pinata is always a hit with the kids! Helpful Links:


Backyardigans Party Food Honestly, kids will be having so much fun at this party that you don’t need to worry about food. They will devour whatever you serve! If you do want to tie in the Backyardigans theme, serve some of the snacks that the characters eat at the end of each show like pretzels, cheese and crackers, chocolate chip cookies, PB&J sandwiches, apples, brownies, graham crackers, applesauce, strawberries, carrot sticks and granola bars.



Backyardigans Party Favors


Choose fun party favors like a butterfly net, binoculars and sunglasses. Take the work out of planning the favor bags by ordering complete Backyardigans Favor Sets.


Personalized Backyardigans Party Supplies

Dress Up

Backyardigans Dress Up

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Backyardigans Party Supplies