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Alice in Wonderland Tea Party and Mad Hatter Tea Party Ideas

Let the Mad Hatter invite your child and her friends to step through the looking glass for an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party. This kids birthday tea party guide includes ideas for tea invitations, Wonderland tea party games, tea party favors and much more. Order your Tea Party supplies online to make shopping easy. This is one of the best time-saving tips because you avoid making trips to different stores.

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Tea Party Invitations

Here are ways to design the invitation yourself:

  1. Use a photo of the tea party scene from Alice in Wonderland (can be found on the internet) on the front of a folded card;
  2. Or scan the Queen of Hearts from a deck of cards into your computer and print the invitation wording on the other side;
  3. Or cut out tea cup shapes from colored card stock and print the invitation in the middle area.
  4. Wording:
  • You’re Invited to Wonderland for [child’s name]’s Birthday Tea Party!
  • Date:
  • Time:
  • Location: Wonderland [your address]
  • RSVP to the Mad Hatter at [phone number]
  • Don’t be Late for this Very Important Date!

Or take a look at these personalized Alice in Wonderland Party Invitations:


Mad Hatter Tea Party Decorations

  • If the weather is mild, set up a long table outdoors to resemble the actual tea party setting in the book. The main decoration at a tea party is the table itself, so use a pretty tablecloth and add large doilies as place mats. For a centerpiece, stack two teapots (use some sticky foam dots to hold them together) and fill the top one with bright, colorful flowers and top it off with one really big bloom.
  • Use real teacups and saucers and any candelabras you may own. Add mis-matched chairs around the table so the kids sit at different heights.
  • Make the big flowers on and tie one to the back of each chair. First wrap a length of pink tulle around the back of the chair and tie a big bow. Then slip the flower stem under the bow.
  • Paint terracotta pots in pastel colors and fill with dry beans. Then arrange lots of big, round lollipops and pinwheels like a bouquet. Use these as table decorations.
  • String colored paper lanterns back and forth above the table.
  • Lean a large mirror against a wall with a sign saying “Looking Glass” or hang it over your front door so guests literally walk through the looking glass to enter the party.
  • Make a sign that says “This Way, That Way and The Other Way” with large arrows pointing in different directions. Make the arrows swirly and use metallic paint colors or glitter glue pens.
  • Stuff a big doll into a smaller dollhouse.


Mad Hatter Tea Party Games

  • Mad Tea Party Hats – Make large hats out of newspaper for each guest and let everyone decorate their hat with flowers, beads, buttons, ribbon, plastic animals, toy bugs and feathers. Then have everyone wear their hats to the tea table. Or you can purchase black felt top hats instead, which are often sold at party supply stores along with items for a Magic party theme. Have an adult ready with a low temp hot glue gun to help attach the decorations.
  • Cheshire Cat Hunt – Before the party, stick lots of paper Cheshire cat grins (just the smile!) around the party area. Include the ceiling and walls and hide some in house plants, too. Then send the kids to find as many as possible and count them. The kids can just point at any high up on the ceiling. Whoever finds the most gets a small prize.
  • Tea Cup Relay – Divide the guests into two teams. One at a time, a member of each team must carry a spoon full of sugar cubes over to the tea cup and pour it in. Continue until one team has filled their teacup first.
  • White Rabbit Race – Instead of running, the kids need to hop to the finish line like the White Rabbit while yelling “I’m Late!”
  • Pin the Grin on the Cheshire Cat – Draw the Cheshire Cat without a mouth on poster board. Cut out lots of smile shapes from colored paper. Put double sided tape on the paper smiles and let the guests try to place it correctly on the cat while blindfolded.
  • Paint the Roses Red – Before the party, make salt dough roses with these directions. On party day, supply red craft paint and paintbrushes for the children to paint the roses red. Let them take their flowers home at the end of the party.
    • Variation on making Red Roses – Supply red tissue paper and show the children how to make their own red flowers using these directions .
    • Variation on Painting the Roses Red – Print this free roses coloring page for children and supply lots of red crayons and markers so they can “paint the roses red”.
  • Tea Bag Toss Game – Before the party, make “Tea Bag” bean bags using brown baby socks (or fabric) filled with dry beans. Add a piece of white string and glue on a small square of paper with the word “Tea Bag” printed to the end. You’ll need 3-5 “tea bags”. Use a flower pot with a plate underneath as the “teapot”. At the party, let the guests take turns trying to toss the tea bags into the pot.
  • Croquet – Play lawn croquet in the yard. Stick pink flamingos in the yard around the croquet area.
  • Paint flowers or tea cups on faces using washable markers or face paint.
  • A matching piñata is always a hit with the kids!


Wonderland Tea Party Food

  • Some foods can be served to each guest in individual paper cupcake liners, like grapes and strawberries or a mix of tiny pretzels and goldfish crackers.
  • For sweet treats, pretzel rods and maraschino cherries with the stem dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkles are fun. Bake tiny cupcakes in mini-muffin tins and write “Eat Me” on top in icing. Sugar cookies with the words “Eat Me” piped on top in frosting.
  • Attach labels that say “Drink Me” to the tea cups or small bottles on the table filled with lemonade.
  • Include sugar cubes on the table for the guests to sweeten their tea. Have a second teapot filled with lemonade or apple juice for anyone who doesn’t want to try the real tea.
  • Make your own Mad Hatter cake with these step-by-step instructions from Cake
  • For decorating inspiration when making a Mad Hatter cake, take a look at these photos.
  • Make your own Teapot cake with these easy directions from the makers of M&M’s.
  • Here’s another version of a Teapot Birthday Cake.


Tea Party Favors

Choose party favors like heart shaped sugar cookies, hand-held mirrors (like the looking glass), white gloves, a doll-sized tea set or a copy of the book.

Attach a white helium filled balloon to each favor bag.

Take the work out of planning the favor bags by ordering complete Tea Party favor sets.


Personalized Wonderland Tea Party Supplies

Dress Up

Alice in Wonderland Dress Up


Place holder for text and graphics

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