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Party Tips from Other Moms

1. For many children, the day of their birthday party is one of the happiest days of the year, so don’t fuss at your child if they break down from the excitement. It’s easy for young children to become over-stimulated at these events, so keep your cool and help your child calm down and return to the fun.

2. Every parent forgets a game that was planned or forgets to serve food items that are sitting in the refrigerator. Let it go and just continue on with the party. The kids will never know what was left out, and they’ll still have a great time.

3. Let the kids continue to play any game they are really enjoying. And play the game a second time if they ask. Don’t insist the guests move on to your next planned activity because chances are they won’t enjoy it as much.

4. Go with the flow on party day. Sooner or later something WILL go wrong. Be flexible and have a few back up ideas. For example, if you planned a backyard party but the weather starts raining, be ready to move the fun indoors. Clear out your basement or garage before the party, just in case.

What if you run out of activities and it’s still 30 minutes before the parents will start picking up the guests? Read a book out loud or turn on a movie to keep the kids entertained.

5. Call on family and friends to help run the party. Remember your babysitters. They would love to earn extra money working as your assistant at the party. Your helpers can be in charge of taking photos, serving food, applying temporary tattoos, and helping supervise the games.

6. Don’t overspend the family budget. This is all too easy to do! The cost of decorations, food and party favors can add up. Sign up for the newsletter at party supply websites and they will send you coupons almost every month. Our two favorite websites for party supplies are:

Party Supplies for any Celebration

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