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Party Places

Party Ideas – Have a Theme Party at one of these Birthday Party Places

Use one of these birthday places when you can’t have the party at home!

For many of us, holding a child’s birthday party at home is a daunting task. That’s why many businesses aimed at children have also become birthday places. Each party place will have birthday ideas and a pre-planned theme party package. Here is a partial list of kids party places that can be used to hold a child’s birthday party.

My children have been to many fun, successful parties that were held at some of these birthday places. From our local nature center to McDonald’s and Chuck E. Cheese, to gymnastic schools and laser tag, my kids have been to really good parties that took the pressure off of the parents.

Call the birthday party places nearest you to ask about prices, facilities, and whether they require a minimum number of guests. Some party places will let you bring in your own food and birthday cakes, while others require that all food be purchased from them. Be sure to ask about all the rules before you book a party at any of these birthday locations.

Birthday Ideas – Birthday Party Locations and Party Venues to choose from:

  • Little Gym - jumping and tumbling for ages 6 and under.
  • Mini-Golf Course
  • Gymnastics School
  • Dance School
  • Build-a-Bear Workshop – The name says it all!
  • Pottery Shops like Color Me Mine where each guest paints a ceramic figure.
  • Indoor Sports Plex – Many offer indoor soccer, football, basketball, and dodge ball. They usually have a separate party room for serving cake and food after the sport.
  • Jump Zone Party Play Centers
  • Ice Skating Rink- Find a skating rink location near you with this ice arena directory.
  • Movie Theater – Choose a G-rated film for ages up to 8 years old, and take everyone for pizza and cake after the show. Older kids will be ready for PG-rated films, but choose carefully, and ask the other parents’ opinion if you have any doubt about a movie choice.
  • Nature Centers – Check with your local county for locations. My children have been to fun and fascinating parties led by a park ranger on topics like ladybugs, turtles and hiking. The ranger usually reads a book on the subject, next the kids make a related craft, and then they get to examine the real creature. Call and ask what theme parties your nature center offers at its birthday party location.
  • McDonalds Restaurant – Happy Meals and playground equipment.
  • Chuck E. Cheese Restaurant/Play Zone – Pizza, large play equipment, and lots of video games that require tokens.
  • Puppet Theater
  • Bowling Alley – Find a bowling alley near you with this bowling alley directory.
  • Laser Tag Arena – Find a location near you with this laser tag arena directory.
  • Indoor Swim Center – This is an excellent choice for cold weather months.
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool – Children with a summer birthday will love a swim party.
  • Paint Ball Facility – These arenas are for older kids. Call and ask about minimum age requirements for guests.