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Craft Projects for Kids Parties

Including a craft at your party is a great way to break the ice as children arrive, it can allow shy children an opportunity to excel, or it can help you bring the energy level down after some exciting games. A craft can also double as a party favor for guests to take home.

There are many craft kits available in craft stores and at online party supply stores, but you can easily put a craft idea together yourself with a few supplies. Do the prep work ahead of time, like cutting out shapes. Here are a few ideas that work well at children’s birthday parties:

Play Doh Creations – Offer a variety of colored play doh or make your own with one of these easy recipes. Let the children make their own creations. Click here for Play Dough Recipes.

Wood Initials – Buy wooden letters (the first letter of each child’s name) and different colors of craft paint. Let each guest paint their initial and take it home when the party ends.

Tee Shirt Designs – Buy foam stamp shapes from the craft store, fabric paint and a plain tee shirt for each guest. Slide a piece of cardboard inside the tee shirt so that the paint doesn’t soak through to the back. At the party, let each child stamp a design onto their tee shirt. Do this activity early in the party so the shirts will have some time to dry.

Paper Bead Necklaces – Use magazines, old sheet music, scrapbooking paper, or any colorful paper you have around the house to create the beads. You will also need string or yarn and a glue stick. Just cut long strips of paper in a triangle shape about 11 inches long. The bottom end should be about one inch wide and taper to a point at the other end. Begin with the wide end and use a pencil as a guide. Roll up the paper around the pencil and apply glue to the last inch to form the bead. Slip the bead off the pencil and let the glue dry. Continue until you have enough beads to make a necklace. String the beads onto the yarn and tie the necklace around your neck.

Jewelry Making – Provide elastic cord and a bag of beads from the craft store. Let the children string the beads in any design to create their own necklace or bracelet. Help the children tie the ends of the cord tightly.

Seed Pot – Let the children paint small terra cotta pots, then fill them with potting soil and plant flower seeds. This works best if you spray paint the pots with white paint the day before the party.

Tote Bags – Provide small canvas tote bags (available at large craft stores) and fabric markers (they look like regular markers but are made for use on fabrics). Let the children draw their own designs on the canvas bags.

Rock Painting – Collect a variety of smooth stones or buy some at a craft store. You will also need small paint brushes and craft paint. Let the children paint their own design on a stone. Allow the stones to dry and the children can take them home at the end of the party.

Variation: Lady Bug Stones – Provide red and black paint only and show the children how to paint a basic ladybug design on their stone with a black head, red body and black spots. A black permanent marker is easier for the kids to use when drawing the black spots.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder – Collect or buy pine cones, peanut butter, bird seed and yarn. Before the party, tie a loop of yarn around the top of each pine cone. This will be used to hang the finished project in a tree. At the party, help the children to spread peanut butter onto the pine cone, then roll into the bird seed. Let them take their bird feeders home.

Macaroni Necklace – Purchase dry pasta with a tube shape such as ziti or elbow macaroni. You will also need food coloring, rubbing alcohol and yarn. Before the party, mix 2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol with 3-4 drops of food coloring and add one cup of dry pasta. This can be done in a Ziploc bag or a bowl. Mix until all the pasta is evenly colored. Pour the pasta onto a cookie sheet lined with paper towels and allow to dry. Repeat this process with other food colors. Cut the yarn into lengths for making necklaces and wrap one end of each length with tape to make it easier for the kids to string the pasta beads. At the party, give each child a length of yarn and let them string pasta beads to make a necklace. Have an adult help to tie the ends securely.

Music Shakers – Before the party, collect empty toilet paper rolls and cover one end with paper and tape or glue it in place. You will also need dry beans or rice, colored paper and markers. At the party, let each child pour dry beans or rice into an empty tube. Only fill the tubes about one-third full. Help the children to tape paper over the open end of the tube. Then wrap the tube in colored paper and decorate with the markers or tie on pieces of ribbon (optional). When everyone is finished, turn on some music and let kids play their new music shakers.

Soap Making – Purchase blocks of soap and a few soap molds at a craft store. Then find really small plastic toys that will fit inside the molds (animal figures or bugs, artificial flowers, shells, etc.). At the party, melt the soap blocks and help the children pour it into the molds. Let the kids place a small toy inside the molds before pouring in the liquid soap. The soap will harden in about 30 minutes, and pop right out of the molds. Put each bar of soap into a plastic bag and send home with the guests.