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Decorating for the Party

Colorful party decorations set the mood for a fun party! Start by choosing a theme, which could be anything your child loves, like a favorite TV show (Elmo or Sponge Bob), activity (dance, sports, swimming), or story (Star Wars, princess, knights). Once you have a theme, choosing matching decorations is much easier.

Balloons – The most popular decorations with the children are definitely Balloons! A few clusters of balloons really say “party” to the kids. If you’re on a tight budget, spend your money on lots of balloons and everyone will be happy. Try to have at least one helium balloon for each guest to take home at the end of the party. It sure makes clean-up easier, too!

I like to get a few shaped Mylar Balloons that match the party theme and surround them with a cluster of latex balloons (which are cheaper) in coordinating colors. Tie together groups of five or seven balloons and set them around the party space. Put one cluster on or near the food table, put clusters of balloons on either side of the main entrance to the party room, and tie several more clusters to something heavy to hold them in place around the room. I also like to tie one balloon to each chair at the food table, and tie a cluster of five balloons to the birthday child’s chair.

Streamers – Cheap, colorful streamers are another basic decoration that can really dress up the food table and party area. Pick up a package of party mounting tape to make putting them up easier, or in a pinch just use little strips of painter’s tape.

Table Decorations – The food table will look terrific when you use a table cover, plates and a centerpiece that match your party theme. This is a great place to add toys you already own as decorations. For example, a clean dump truck makes a great centerpiece for a construction party, some plastic animals and binoculars work well for a jungle/safari party, and a small toy castle is perfect for a princess party. Set larger stuffed animals in empty chairs or on smaller tables. Go ahead and set a party blower next to each plate, as well. Kids of all ages love ‘em.

Party BannersPersonalized Banners have become really popular lately, and they are affordable, too. Make your own or order one from a party website with a personal greeting like “Happy 5th Birthday Kyle!” or “Welcome to Jenna’s Ballet Party”. Hang the banner on the wall behind the birthday child’s chair, or just inside the entry to the party room.

Wall Decorations – Lots of stick-on wall decorations are available to match popular party themes, so use them to cover an empty wall somewhere in the party room. Another idea that works really well is to hang a great big length of blank paper and set out crayons and washable markers. Then let the children draw their own pictures on the paper as you wait for all the guests to arrive.

Other Decorating Ideas -

  1. No matter what the age group, they all love Pinatas! Hang a pinata that matches your theme as a decoration, and it becomes a party game later when the guests break it open.
  2. Party hats are another good choice for kids up to about age seven.
  3. Matching posters on the walls or just one attached to the front door will add to your party mood.
  4. Use sidewalk chalk to draw pictures, footprints, or a welcome message on the sidewalk or driveway. For example, draw big stars with one guest’s name inside each one for a princess or dance party; draw paw prints for a kitty or puppy party; write “Race Track This Way” with an arrow pointing to your door for a racecar party; or write “Welcome to Hogwarts” for a Harry Potter party.