Trip to New York with my Kids – Part III

Having read about the large Nintendo World store in New York, I thought it would make a fun stop for the kids during our trip. We found the store easily near Rockefeller Center, and both my children scurried off to explore. There are low tables with plenty of Nintendo DS game systems on the ground floor for kids to play with, and that is where my daughter finally settled in for some game time.

My son headed upstairs where there is one huge screen and Wii system available for group play, plus about eight individual TV screens where visitors can play with a variety of Wii games. He found an available game system and started playing. So what’s a mom to do now? I wandered through both levels of the store, and then found a place to sit and watch the action.

The store layout is open and does not feel crowded, which I liked. The ground floor seemed geared towards the younger set, with a huge Pikachu figure, Mario Brothers bedding and lots of Nintendo DS games and accessories lining the walls for purchase. But there is no pressure from the staff to buy. They gladly answer the kids questions and help them get the games working.

The upstairs level contains the Wii games and all the titles aimed at the older age group. More products for sale line the walls, and the center area is devoted to the screens and games systems for visitors to use. I think you can see the layout pretty well in the photos I took, which are shown below.

The Super Mario Brothers party guide is one of the most popular pages on this site, which explains why there is now a set of party supplies devoted just to Mario Kart. Celebrate Express even lets you personalize the Mario Kart party supplies with a photo of your child! Here is what they look like:
MarioKart party supplies

More photos of the Nintendo World store:

The Mario Brothers section of the store.

Playing Wii games on the upper level of the store.

Looking down at the main level.

Mario Brothers bedding and PJ's

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