All of us moms with young’ish daughters know the singer Taylor Swift. My own dd loves her songs, and now that Taylor Swift is on tour, you can’t imagine the pleading at my house for tickets.

I held out for months, thinking she was too young for a concert downtown, but just this weekend I caved. Yep, we are going to see Taylor Swift when her tour comes to town in a couple of weeks.

And I am, according to my dd, the greatest mom in the world. (Hmm, how long does anyone think that status will last?)

Planning for a concert reminded me of the new Rock Star Party Guide we added to the site this month. If your child has a favorite band or singer, the Rock Star Party theme would be a great choice for their next birthday party.

BTW, I plan to bring some earplugs to the concert, just in case.  ;)

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