We recently planned a trip to New York City to see Daniel Radcliffe on Broadway. We are wild about Harry (Potter, that is) at my house, and the kids were excited at the prospect of seeing Dan Radcliffe in person, on stage.

I wasn’t sure they would actually enjoy the play, though, and that had me worried. Dan Radcliffe singing and dancing? In a comedy? Hmmm.

The play is called “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”, and tells the story of a clever young window washer named J. Pierrepont Finch, who uses the advice in a little book to quickly rise to success in the corporate world. Dan Radcliffe has the starring role as the window washer, and he does a terrific job!

His singing is quite good, and he has excellent comic timing. I kept glancing over at my kids to see if they were enjoying the show, and they were laughing and applauding at all the right moments. Whew! That was a relief.

The show has been nominated for 8 Tony Awards, and Variety magazine says “Daniel Radcliffe repeatedly brings down the house with a smile and a raised eyebrow.”

We bought new Sharpie pens to wait at the stage door after the show, in hopes of getting Daniel Radcliffe’s autograph. And if I was quick enough, a photo, too.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I forgot to mention there was more excitement for my children in the theater the night we attended. After the lights went down, who quickly slipped into a seat, but Emma Watson! Yep, Hermione was there to see the show, too! My kids were doubly excited. She attends Brown University nearby, so I wasn’t completely shocked at her arrival. But still, what a treat!

When the play ended, we hurried out to the stage entrance, where a crush of people was already waiting. My children each held a playbill and their new Sharpie, all ready. A bouncer and police officer kept herding us into as small a group as possible on the sidewalk, behind crowd barriers.

Emma Watson visits Dan Radcliffe backstage in New York City on 4/28/11, the night he didn't come out the stage door:(

Other actors from the show came and went, but no Dan Radcliffe. Finally the bouncer told us the sad news. He isn’t coming out this door tonight. Emma Watson was at the show tonight, and she is taking Dan out to dinner. They’ve already left through a different (and apparently well hidden) back door.

We reluctantly gave up and started walking back to our hotel. On the way, we passed other theaters, and who walked out right in front of us, but Chris Rock! Well, that was better than nothing, my kids decided.

Watch the Tony Awards this Sunday, June 12, 2011 to see Dan Radcliffe perform the song “Brotherhood of Man” from his show.

“How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” is playing at the Al Hirschfield Theater at 302 West 45th Street, and shows are scheduled through December 24, 2011.

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