Train party cookiesThe Train Party theme is a classic choice that remains so popular with young boys. I still remember the Thomas the Train party we threw for my son one year.

That’s why this blog post featuring creative train-themed cookies caught my eye. I want to share it here to provide some ideas for all you moms planning a Train party.

Most of these cookies look professionally made, but with a few cookie cutters and some patience, I think it would be possible to create them at home.

Train cookies with a railroad crossing design

Train cookies

Train party dessert table

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Little boys love their red fire engines, and this provides a terrific Firefighter Party theme for a birthday they’ll absolutely love!

I recently saw some clever ideas for a Firetruck party dessert table in this Amy Atlas blog post. There are sure to be one or two ideas you can use in your own party plan.

The mom used the “stop, drop, and roll” training motto as inspiration for some of the party treats. For example, round red candies were labeled as “drop” and mini Tootsie Rolls were labeled “roll.”

Firefighter party desserts: chocolate dipped marshmallows and Oreos dipped in white frosting.

Firefighter party cupcakes

Firefighter dessert table

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Space party food ideasWhether you call it a Space Party, Astronaut Party or Rocket Ship Party, this is one of the most popular themes for a boy’s party.

If your little boy loves all things outer space, you’ll want to look at the clever space party food ideas in this Amy Atlas blog post.

I love the cake pops decorated as little blue alien faces and what looks like green jello “space slime”! These are some good inspiration for you own Space Party!

Blue alien cake pops

Blue alien cake pops

green jello space party treat

Green jello "space slime"

Space party dessert table

Space party dessert buffet table

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Ladybug Party DessertsSpring is here and just in time for a classic Ladybug Party theme!

I found this adorable blog post from Glorious Treats showing some cute and yummy dessert ideas for a Ladybug party.
This time of year, our Ladybug party ideas page is very popular, so I know a lot of you out there are planning this theme.

Take a look at some of the cute treats in this blog post and maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your own Ladybug party!

Ladybug cupcakes and Oreo pops

Ladybug cookies in a variety of designs

Ladybug dessert buffet table

Ladybug dessert buffet table

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I just have to share the beautiful photos of Valentines treats from the Amy Atlas blog! I may borrow just one or two of the ideas to make for my own kids, because it looks like using a few Valentine items can transform things I can easily make/buy into a special Valentine treat. Valentine brownie

Valentine treat buffet

Valentine treat buffet

Valentine cookie pops

Valentine cookie pops


candy airplane valentine craft

Kids love bringing Valentines to school that they made themselves, and today’s post is full of ideas for making homemade Valentines cards.

For several years my daughter made candy airplanes and gave them out as Valentines. I can tell you they were a HUGE hit with the kids!

I’ve gathered some other great ideas your kids can make at home and hand out at school on Valentine’s Day. Many of the ideas are from the Family Fun website, which I have often found to be a good place to start for kids craft ideas. Hope you find some inspiration here!

Candy rocket valentine

Candy rocket valentine

Glowstick valentine

Glowstick valentine

Alien valentine

One the boys will like to make! An alien Valentine.

butterfly valentine

Butterfly Valentine

Owl valentine

Owl valentine

Thumbprint heart valentine

Thumbprint heart valentine

Pencil valentine

Quick and easy pencil Valentine

If you are a Room Mom for your child’s class, be sure to check out our Classroom Valentine Party guide for lots of ideas.


Class moms around the country are faced with planning a Valentine Party that can be held in the classroom at their child’s school. It can be hard to know where to start, but after years of experience, I suggest that you will need:

  1. Cake plates with a Valentine theme
  2. Beverage napkins with a Valentine theme
  3. Mini water bottles or juice boxes, because they’re easier than pouring drinks into lots of little cups.
  4. Something for the kids to put on their desks that will hold all their valentines.

My site has a complete Class Valentine Party guide that tells you step-by-step what to plan for ages K-4th grade and also the harder ages in grades 5 and up. Let me know your ideas and what has worked at your child’s school in the comments section below :)

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penguin party ideasNow that cold weather has arrived, our Penguin Party Ideas page is becoming more popular. That’s why I’m so excited to find this adorable pink and purple penguin party blogpost from Glorious Treats!

Instead of going with the traditional black and white color scheme for the party decor, this mom chose pink and purple to make it more girly. I love the results.

Anyone with a girl’s winter birthday should consider this theme. Use the ideas in our Penguin Party guide, plus inspiration from the Glorious Treats blog post, and you’ll have a terrific party!

penguin party

Pink and purple penguin party treats

penguin party dessert table

Penguin party dessert table

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The good folks at Family Fun have created a list (with photos) of 39 last minute Halloween costumes to make yourself.

They’ve brought back the gypsy costume idea that my sister and I used many times when we were growing up.  So that has to be my favorite of the ideas listed, although I am also partial to the litter of puppies costume.

If you are in need of some costume inspiration, head on over to the article on

gypsy costume

Gypsy costume

litter of puppies costume

Litter of puppies costume

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halloween monster cake

Here is more inspiration for a Halloween cake. This one is an orange monster with cake pops for the multiple eyes.

This shows a very clever use of cake pops as a decoration!  If you’d like to make a cake like this for your Halloween party, or just for the family, head on over to the Bakerella website for more info on this cake design.

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