Have you gotten used to the new website design yet for Fun Kids Party Ideas? Maybe you’re wondering why I made any changes? I hope you find the changes are for the better, and here are the specific reasons I finally broke down and scrapped the old design for a new one.

Former website design

The top five reasons why I changed the website design are:

1.       To make it easier for my site visitors to find what they come for. The new homepage design especially tries to address this.

2.       Trying to make the party guides easier to use—find what you need to know quickly without scrolling down a huge long page of text.  To the left is a screen-shot of a party guide in the old design. A visitor had to scroll down a long page of ideas to find what they might be looking for. The new party guide design has tabs across the top of the page to let a visitor click on the topics that interest them the most.

3.       There had been NO updates in three years to the software I was using, and it was old technology that was just getting older and more out of date with what other site designs could offer.

4.       The old site design software did not allow me to keep up with current improvements in building web pages.

5.       There are lots of terrific website ideas and tools available now that don’t work in the old software.

OK, now it’s your turn. Please comment below and tell me your impressions of the new design. And if you don’t mind, “Like” us on Facebook, too! We’re trying to build our Facebook community and we need you to join us!

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