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The good folks at Family Fun have created a list (with photos) of 39 last minute Halloween costumes to make yourself.

They’ve brought back the gypsy costume idea that my sister and I used many times when we were growing up.  So that has to be my favorite of the ideas listed, although I am also partial to the litter of puppies costume.

If you are in need of some costume inspiration, head on over to the article on

gypsy costume

Gypsy costume

litter of puppies costume

Litter of puppies costume

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halloween monster cake

Here is more inspiration for a Halloween cake. This one is an orange monster with cake pops for the multiple eyes.

This shows a very clever use of cake pops as a decoration!  If you’d like to make a cake like this for your Halloween party, or just for the family, head on over to the Bakerella website for more info on this cake design.

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Hey everyone, here are some Halloween promotions you may need this week! Hope you’re all gearing up for a fun Halloween weekend :)

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Wicked halloween partyHere’s another great Halloween party from Amy Atlas’ blog full of inspiration for the rest of us!

Wicked Witch designs on the labels turn the food and drinks into a fun and creepy menu!

Lots of these ideas could be adapted to your own kids Halloween party!

halloween cookies

Wicked Witch cookies

Party poster

Wicked Halloween party dessert table

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Halloween wreath

I’ve been wanting a new and creepy Halloween wreath, and finally found the perfect idea!

This do-it-yourself Halloween wreath from the Make of Myself blog will look great against our brick red door.

Her blog post includes other DIY Halloween decor projects, including black silhouettes against orange candle jars. It looks better than my description ;)

These would be great decorations at you Halloween party!

Halloween jar silhouettes

Halloween jar silhouettes

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Make some bags of these cute and creepy Halloween treats from the Glorious Treats blog.

So easy and fun to make with your kids! All you need are mini marshmallows, some round red candies and pretzel sticks.

Take a look at the photo to see how these simple ingredients are transformed into ghost poo, rat eyeballs and spider legs. I love the creativity here!

Anyone planning a kids Halloween party should consider including these treat bags.

Pssst! She included a free printable for the treat bag topper so yours can look as great as the photo!

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Halloween Party Desserts

Are you looking for inspiration for a Halloween party this year? Look no more, because this blog post shows lots of  Halloween party desserts, as well as some bewitching decorations.

I love the clever way store bought mini donuts are served on tiny broomsticks in the photo below.  And for those of you planning a Halloween party, look here for more Halloween party food ideas.

Halloween desserts

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Our Dr. Seuss party guide is one of the most popular pages on this site, so I was excited to find this blog post featuring Dr. Seuss party desserts.

Take a look at the clever and colorful desserts at this Dr. Seuss party. I really appreciate the use of fruits mixed in with the sweeter treats, especially the clever naming of one item as “Truffula Fruits,” which is a nod to The Lorax story.

The color scheme of light blue, red and white seems to be from The Cat in the Hat, although many Dr. Seuss stories are represented in the photos.

Dr. Seuss party treats

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