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Woo-hoo! Look at this great offer for 50% off personalized banners from Shindigz!

The offer is good through September 30, 2011 and there is no item limit! That means you can order as many banners as you want for half off!

Start thinking about Halloween parties, family Thanksgiving events, and even Christmas. Wouldn’t it be great to have a personalized holiday banner to greet your friends and family? And if you avoid putting a date on the banner, it can be reused for future years.

50% off vinyl banners at Shindigz!

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Take a look at this colorful and FUN candy centerpiece made from styrofoam blocks and lollipops!

All of us can do it with the easy-to-follow instructions on the AndersRuff blog.

Check out their blog post for a supply list, photos, and instructions. It really does look like a project that could work for anyone willing to give it a try.

Wouldn’t this be a great decoration at a Candyland theme party? And it doubles as both a party treat (since the kids are sure to pick off the candy and start eating) and a table decoration.

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Wait ’till you see how Anj at Snowy Bliss blog made this fantastic Halloween cake!

She had a stroke of genius and came up with a clever and fairly easy way to make the cake itself polka dotted! Very creative!

OK, I’ll give you a big hint: she used cake pops (unfrosted) made from orange batter and scattered them in the pan with the chocolate batter. Voila! A polka dot cake.

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The Super Mario Brothers party guide is one of the most popular party guides on my site, so I was excited to find this blog post from the Purple Pug showing the super cute decorations she used for a Mario Brothers party.

Kristy from the Purple Pug blog combined themed party supplies with her own colorful ideas to create this Mario Brothers party scene. She used fake mustaches as the one item to tie it all together, plus clever re-use of empty frappe bottles and over-sized confetti made with a hole punch.

This is a terrific example of how to take themed party items (like the Mario Brothers plates) plus solid color decorations to build a party scene that the kids will love. Her multi colored tissue tassel garlands (she used them lots of places) are one of my favorite elements. Thanks for sharing, Kristy!

Mario Brothers party table

Mustaches on the drink glasses

Tissue tassel garland

The dessert table

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This super cute pink party theme by Heather at Chickabug really caught my eye. I love the pom pom initial K she made, along with the over-sized tissue poms to hang from the ceiling.

Once again I see someone using adorable striped drinking straws! They are really in fashion now and are available in many colors.

(I found a great selection of paper drinking straws here.)

This is a great example of using color as the driving element for your food and decorations, as opposed to a commercial “theme.” This is a beautiful party, Heather! Check out her blog post for even more photos.

Pom initial and hanging decorations

A pretty display of pink party food.

Displaying the food creatively turns store bought treats into something beautiful!

Yummy looking cookies.

Clever packaging of pink and yellow gumballs as the party favors.

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