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The talented Sharnel in Australia hosted a creative 7th birthday party for her daughter using a Mary Poppins theme.

Pretty pink striped drinking straws with little tags saying “supercalifragilisticexpealidocious” plus a real carousel horse and a teacup ride for the guests! Wow, there is so much more, you have to check out her blog post here to see all the photos.

My favorite is the view of the party tables set up on the porch, with decorated parasols hung upside down over each table.

The guests each made a kite to fly in the yard, and a chimney sweep stopped by, too. So many clever ideas at this party!

Pink striped drinking straws.

Dessert table made to look like a carousel.

Mary Poppins cupcake toppers.

Wearing Mary Poppins costumes.

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Continuing my theme this week of covering back to school topics, today I’m sharing photos of an end of summer picnic from a couple of terrific moms.

Brooke at Cheeky Kitchen and her friend Jaimie at Sophistimom took their kids on this picnic one year to mark the end of summer. Their clever use of red bandannas and apple picking buckets for the lunch pails won me over right away!

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One year, on the Sunday before school started, my children hosted an ice cream social for all their friends in the neighborhood. We printed invitations on my computer – nothing fancy, just using clip art – and drove around delivering them a few days in advance.

On the day of the event, I set up a table under a tree in our yard, and lined up vanilla and chocolate ice cream, lots of sauces and toppings, plus whipped cream and a bowl of maraschino cherries – my dd’s favorite part!

It was a fairly simple, low key get together, but made all the kids so happy.

That’s why finding a blogpost about hosting an ice cream social caught my eye. It’s a great theme this time of year. If you’d like to host one for your child, take a look at all the photos on the PenandPaperFlowers blog for lots of inspiration. My favorite item is the garland made with ice cream cones and tulle poms as the scoop of ice cream.

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We have one more week of summer vacation here, and then it’s back to school.

I try to find something fun to make for my kids on that first day, and the apple shaped cupcakes I found on the Anna and Blue Paperie blog are just the thing!

The recipe uses a small tootsie roll to create the stem, plus green fruit chews for the leaves, so it’s all edible and looks so delicious!

Do you make anything special for your children when school begins? Let us know in the comments.

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Have you ever seen beautiful cupcakes with stylish paper liners, and wondered where to find such pretty things?

The ladies at Glorious Treats have just shared their favorite suppliers for paper cupcake liners. Solid colors, stripes, polka dots, checks and more! So many to choose from, I won’t know where to start. Or more likely, I won’t be able to stop with just one or two designs!

They also explain why the color of some paper liners fade during baking, and how to avoid this. Check out their complete blog post on Cupcake Liners.


With summer in full swing, lots of kids are choosing a surf theme for their party. We have a terrific Surf Party Ideas page that is really popular this month, but we’re always on the lookout for additional ideas.

Well, I found some inspiration for your next surf party in this Surf’s Up Summer Party blogpost. She and her husband made the surfboard decorations from wood! Aren’t they gorgeous? And they set the mood with the fun lime green, blue and orange colors.

I also love her creative idea to use the push-pop containers for layers of jello, with a gummy shark “swimming” in the blue jello layer. Take a look at the full blog post, which includes many more pictures, at Paisley Petal Events.

Push pops filled with layers of jello in three colors