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All of us moms with young’ish daughters know the singer Taylor Swift. My own dd loves her songs, and now that Taylor Swift is on tour, you can’t imagine the pleading at my house for tickets.

I held out for months, thinking she was too young for a concert downtown, but just this weekend I caved. Yep, we are going to see Taylor Swift when her tour comes to town in a couple of weeks.

And I am, according to my dd, the greatest mom in the world. (Hmm, how long does anyone think that status will last?)

Planning for a concert reminded me of the new Rock Star Party Guide we added to the site this month. If your child has a favorite band or singer, the Rock Star Party theme would be a great choice for their next birthday party.

BTW, I plan to bring some earplugs to the concert, just in case.  ;)

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I recently saw the most amazing party cupcakes on a blog called Gourmet Mom on the Go. She made push pop cupcakes using special clear plastic containers and mini cupcakes.

Her idea to alternate the color of the icing really sets them off beautifully when they are displayed. And of course we can all change the colors or flavors to suit our party and our child’s tastes.

Her blog post gives step by step directions, photos, and a link to order the push pop containers.

Does anyone else out there love these as much as I do?

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With the PBS kids show “Sesame Street” still as popular as ever, I decided it was time to create a new party guide devoted to the wonderful characters on the show.

For many of us, Sesame Street is the very first TV show we let our children watch. Big Bird, Elmo, Abby Cadabby and the others become like real friends to our toddlers, teaching as well as entertaining them. That’s why Sesame Street is a popular party theme with toddlers and pre-school age children.

If someone in your house gets excited when the Sunny Day song comes on, maybe this would be a good theme for your next birthday party. Our latest party guide has all the planning ideas you’ll need from invitations, to games and decorations, to party favors. Click here to see the entire Sesame Street Party Ideas page.

And remember we already have a separate Elmo party guide for all the children who love the furry red guy!

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Look at these adorable personalized lollipops! They are a new product from Birthday in a Box, which has my favorite selection of personalized party items.

This would have been perfect for our Candyland Party this spring.  I will definitely keep them in mind as party favors for our next event. The personalized lollipops come in over 100 designs, so I can find one to match every party theme.

The price is only $9.99 for a dozen, so that works out to only 83 cents each! Definitely a great bargain for a personalized party favor.

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The latest Winnie the Pooh movie opens in theaters today.  This film tells a new story that hasn’t been made into a movie yet. In it, Pooh’s tummy is rumbly and he goes looking for honey. This leads to a search for a new tail for his donkey friend Eeyore, and on to a mysterious creature called a Backson. The movie includes songs and jokes for the younger age viewer, which is one reason Pooh and his friends are so beloved by the toddler set.

A Winnie the Pooh party has been a popular theme for babies and toddlers, so if you are planning this theme, I’ve found some cute party ideas in addition to all the great planning tips in our Winnie the Pooh party guide.

Family Fun has cute Pooh Hunnypot printables, Pin the Tail on Eeyore, and adorable Pooh cake pops. You can find these and 10 more Pooh ideas at their Winnie the Pooh craft page.

For even more inspiration, see this Pooh party blog post from Celebrations at Home showing some really clever ways to incorporate honey into the theme.

Are you planning to see the movie? My dd has already asked me to take her, so Pooh will be on the agenda this weekend! Let me know if you and your child enjoy the movie.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 opens this week on July 15, 2011. Do you have tickets for opening night?

My kids are too young for midnight release showings, so we’ll be going on Friday evening. Excitement is building at my house and around the country for this final installment in the Harry Potter story.

I’ve found a couple of special offers for you Harry Potter fans out there. The first is a personalized Hogwarts acceptance letter for your child from the Warner Brothers Movie Shop at 25% off.

25% Off Hogwarts Acceptance Letter!

And Hot Topic is offering all kinds of cool Harry Potter items. I will be getting t-shirts for us to wear to the movie. But Hot Topic also offers a big selection of
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows merchandise like T-shirts, keychains, stickers, jewelry, and throws.

Harry Potter And Voldemort Face-Off Girls T-Shirt

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